Safety & Security

Jewelers Mutual provides policyholders an array of information and services to help prevent crime, avoid risk, enhance security, and mitigate damage if a loss or crime occurs. We offer a valuable collection of tools, including training programs, publications, expert advice, and on-site assessments to keep you prepared and your jewelry business protected.

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What’s New

Trauma Recovery Benefit
The new benefit, called the RELI(E)VE Program, is the result of a partnership between Jewelers Mutual and Ceridian Life Works, a leading provider of EAP, Work-Life, Wellness, and Crisis Support Services in the U.S. and Canada. The benefit is included with Jewelers Mutual coverage and provides 24/7 telephone access to LifeWorks masters-level counselors, face-to-face sessions with a qualified local counseling professional, and, when needed, on-site crisis support entailing both one-on-one and group counseling sessions.

Data Breach and Cyber Related Protection
In response to the rising threat of data security breaches, Jewelers Mutual has created data breach and cyber related protection to better serve the changing needs of jewelers. As more and more information is stored electronically, the potential for data breaches, identity theft, cyber fraud and other threats is growing. The resulting costs and damage to a jeweler’s reputation can have lasting effects.

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