Safety & Security

Jewelers Mutual provides policyholders an array of information and services to help prevent crime, avoid risk, enhance security, and mitigate damage if a loss or crime occurs. We offer a valuable collection of tools, including training programs, publications, expert advice, and on-site assessments to keep you prepared and your jewelry business protected.

Tip of the Week:

Take the right precautions when opening and closing your store.

What’s New

• We have posted a recording of our recent webinar on the “PEP” approach to security for your jewelry business. See our listing of safety and security webinars to view this webinar or one of our previous sessions.

• If you're in need of some guidance when it comes to security materials or requesting a search for USPS shipments, Jewelers Mutual has exactly what you're looking for! Check out the two new links updated in the “Articles & Resources” section below.

For more security information, check out Jewelers eNews. »