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What's Covered?

With a Jewelers Mutual policy, you get protection from almost every imaginable risk life may throw at your jewelry.


Losing your jewelry can feel like losing a part of yourself. Whether your piece fell off at the beach or was left in a public restroom, we cover your loss so you can feel whole again.


It’s easy to feel helpless when your jewelry is stolen from you, but we’re here to help. In the unfortunate event of theft, we'll replace your piece with one of the same kind and quality.


You hit your diamond ring on the edge of a countertop, and it cracks, or a prong is bent from getting caught on something. Accidents happen. We'll cover that.


Sometimes jewelry just disappears—is it lost, stolen? Who knows? You can’t explain how, where or when it vanished. Don’t worry, that’s covered.

Protection from Natural Disasters

We understand natural disasters can strike at any moment, but our coverage was made for real life. If a flood, tornado, hurricane or earthquake causes your jewelry to get lost or ruined, you're still covered.

Worldwide Travel

Go ahead. Book that Caribbean cruise or European vacation. You’re covered globally while traveling.

Inflation Protection

Your jewelry's value has risen due to market changes—fantastic! However, it's currently insured for less than its worth. No worries—we offer a complimentary Insurance Value Adjustment (IVA) service. In case your jewelry appreciates due to inflation or market shifts, we'll adjust its value to help minimize the impact of a potential loss. To ensure the best protection, remember to get updated appraisals for your jewelry. You have the option to decline the IVA service, which is only applied when your item's appraisal is more than two years old at the time of policy renewal.

Normal Wear and Tear**

Normal wear and tear refers to the gradual wearing or damage that occurs over an extended period of use. **If, for instance, your prong requires retipping or your stone needs tightening, coverage may apply based on your policy terms.

We Don't Cover

There are a few unusual situations we don't cover, including war and military action, rodent and pest infestation, intentional actions or voluntary parting, deterioration, resizing, cleaning and inspections. 


Trusted for 110 Years


The wife and I had no idea we could insure her ring separate from our household things. We were made aware of this by our Geico rep. Simple, easy and inexpensive. Thanks Geico

Bobby B.
Trustpilot Review


Pleasant people answer the phones, not machines. They quickly get you to the person you need to speak to, not a voicemail. Their rates are extremely competitive. What more could you ask for from an insurance company?

Mel L.
Trustpilot Review


One of the stones was chipped on my engagement ring. I contacted JM an it took less than two weeks to file my claim, for my ring to be fully fixed, and for it to be shipped back out to me. Definitely 5 star service.

Estefania M.
Trustpilot Review

What will Jewelry Insurance Cost Me?

Insuring jewelry through Jewelers Mutual could cost as low as 1-2% of the jewelry’s value, per year. There are multiple factors that determine the cost of jewelry insurance, including where you live. For example, take a look at these various locations and example premiums.

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for a $5,000 ring in Dallas (75043) with a $100 deductible

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for a $2,500 chain in Las Vegas (88901) with a $0 deductible

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for a $3,000 bracelet in Chicago (60614) with a $0 deductible

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for a $7,000 watch in Oakland (94577) with a $100 deductible

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for a $5,000 ring in New York (10016) with a $100 deductible

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for an $5,000 ring in Toledo (43460) with a $0 deductible

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for an $2,500 watch in Orlando (32829) with a $0 deductible

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for an $8,000 ring in Seattle (98107) with a $0 deductible

Why Jewelers Mutual is Your Best Choice

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A Leader in Jewelry Insurance

Over a million jewelry owners and 11,000 jewelers trust us. And many of the major names in insurance depend on us as their exclusive jewelry insurance provider for their customers. 

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Repair or Replace with your Trusted Jeweler

We don’t dictate who does your repair or replacement. It’s your jewelry after all. So, we work directly with your trusted jeweler to repair or replace your piece.

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Top-rated, Simple Claims Process

We take pride in making the process easy — over 10,000 5-star customer reviews agree. Start your new claim online, by phone or by contacting your trusted jeweler.


5 Risks of Relying on Homeowners Insurance to Protect Your Jewelry



Homeowner or renter insurance may not provide enough coverage for jewelry that is accidentally lost or damaged, including during worldwide travel.


A typical homeowner policy could have a deductible of $500 and could only cover up to $1,500 of jewelry for certain types of losses. This could leave you with only $1,000 of coverage if you file a claim.


Filing a jewelry claim could raise the premium, or in some cases, cancel/non-renew your entire homeowner policy.


In the event of a claim, some homeowner insurance policies require you to work directly with a designated jeweler in their network, not your jeweler of choice.


Home insurance companies may be experts at insuring homes, but protecting jewelry isn’t always their specialty.

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