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A response is critical
every time an alarm is activated.

Have peace of mind knowing any type of alarm security breach, threat or
concern is responded to with the Alarm Response Program, supported by Securitas. 

Alarm Response Program by JM™ Risk Services

False alarms can put stress on any security system and cost you time and additional expenses. However, an alarm not responded to can put your business at risk. If you respond to an alarm alone, you are putting your safety in jeopardy. With the Alarm Response Program, part of our JM™ Risk Services, a trained security officer will respond to all your alarms.

We joined with Securitas, a highly regarded global leader in protective services, to make the Alarm Response Program available to all jewelers, including those not currently insured with us, at a reduced cost. Plus, no additional monthly retainer fee.

The Alarm Response Program is a small investment in your future safety. Take comfort knowing security officers are ready and able to respond to any type of alarm security breach, threat or concern.

JM Risk Services

Advantages of participating in the Alarm Response Program

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Avoid costly expenses associated with law enforcement responding to false alarms.

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Save time and take comfort in knowing an experienced security officer can handle the routine case of alarms and be able to respond quickly.

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Feel confident in 24/7 alarm dispatch capabilities.

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Service Locations

The Alarm Response Program supported by Securitas is available throughout the U.S.

If you’re interested in the program, please contact the Loss Prevention team ([email protected]) and include your business address and zip code. We will verify if service is available in your area.



How the Alarm Response Program works

  1. In the event your alarm is activated, a Securitas security officer in your area is dispatched to your location.

  2. The responding officer investigates the area and enacts the proper response by contacting your alarm monitoring company and local law enforcement as needed.

  3. The security officer completes a report with details of the alarm response and takes photos of the protected location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Securitas?

For over a century, Securitas has been a highly regarded leader in protective services specializing in helping companies of all sizes and industries achieve superior security results. They provide services in 58 countries and have 370,000 employees worldwide (90,000 in the U.S.). Currently, Securitas has 73 Mobile Branches in the U.S.

How much does it cost to join the Alarm Response Program?

We teamed with Securitas to offer you a reduced cost for alarm response service. You can choose to pay for the year of service or make quarterly payments based on your preference and budget – $149.85 (US) quarterly or $599.40 (US) yearly, plus tax. Taking advantage of the service through our Alarm Response Program provides maximum cost savings compared to going direct for the same service. Plus, we waive the additional monthly retainer fee for a total savings of $800-$1,200 or more a year.

What is the term of service?

The Alarm Response Program is a one-year service commitment, which is renewable each year.

Do I need a Jewelers Mutual commercial lines policy to join?

No, it’s available to anyone in the jewelry industry.

How soon will service be available after I sign up for the program?

After we receive your completed and signed participation agreement and make payment, program enrollment with alarm response service will start within approximately 10 business days. We will email you with your service effective date once your program enrollment is confirmed with Securitas.

How will I be notified if there is an alarm at my business after hours?

You can work directly with your alarm company to set up how you and Securitas are specifically notified. For example, you may instruct your alarm company to notify you and Securitas for each alarm – the alarm company should honor this request.

What information will be provided from Securitas to the alarm company? 

Securitas will contact your alarm company with the disposition of the alarm. Securitas will not contact you – it’s the responsibility of the alarm company to call you in these situations.

How do I contact Jewelers Mutual?

If you have questions about the Alarm Response Program or want more information about loss prevention education and risk management solutions as part of JM Risk Services, please contact us at [email protected].

Alarm response testimonial

What the Jewelry Industry is Saying

It gave my client tremendous relief having the extra level of protection for them and their staff. The reaction time of the alarm response service made a believer out of both of us.”

– agent Stark Harbour, Assured Partners

“The Alarm Response Program has allowed me to free up my time. Now, I’m monitoring less stores, getting fewer calls from the alarms at the stores, and knowing that we are going to have somebody that, if there is a need, will respond.”

– Brian Stamey, International Diamond Center

Getting Started

Submit your interest to be part of the program. You can expect to hear back from us within 5 business days.

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1. Location review

We will review your location and verify eligibility based on if your area is serviceable.
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2. Participation agreement

You will receive a one-year participation agreement to complete and sign along with an invoice for the service cost.
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3. Enrollment

The first step once you’re in the program is to contact your existing alarm monitoring service and request that Securitas be added as first call, in addition to who you already have dedicated as first call. This ensures Securitas is dispatched, and you’ll be notified of an alarm activation.

Check Service Availability

If you’re interested in the program, please contact [email protected] and include your business address and zip code. We will verify if service is available in your area.