JM® Care Plan

Jeweler API Reference


JM Care Plan API’s enable integrating partners to create and manage care plan sales and cancellations as well as care plan claims from within their own system and keep data in sync automatically.

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An API key and password combination will be provided for each jeweler using an integrated system. The API’s use the key and password as basic authentication inputs. Based on the API key used, the care plan system will be able to determine which jeweler to associate a given call with. Should an integrated system manage more than one JM Care Plan jeweler via these APIs, they will need to ensure the right API key is used for a given API call. 

API keys should not be stored in the front end client code. All calls to JM Care Plan API’s must come from a backend service to ensure the API key and password are kept secure.  

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To have an API key generated for you, please reach out to your JM Care Plan support team. Once your account is set up you will be provided with access to the testing environment endpoints which can be used while you build your integration. 


For questions or assistance with the Care Plan API’s please reach out to [email protected].