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10 Questions Jewelers Mutual Agents Can Help Answer

on Jan 22, 2015 10:21 AM

10 Questions Jewelers Mutual Agents Can Help AnswerAs an owner and/or operator of a jewelry business, you are wise to consider your relationship with your insurance agent or broker among those that are most important to the well-being of your business. A constructive and ongoing rapport with a qualified and engaged insurance agent or broker could be your greatest asset to protect your business if and when things go wrong.

Don’t forget that, as times and circumstances change, so do your insurance needs. Here are some examples:

These are just a few reasons to discuss your insurance coverages with your trusted agent or broker.

At Jewelers Mutual, we believe the agent relationship is highly important. We take pride in the deep expertise among our agents, many of whom have fulfilled jewelry businesses’ insurance needs for decades. We’re also proud of our agents’ dedication to their customers.

Many of our policyholders have told us that, in the wake of a crime or other catastrophe at the jewelry business, their Jewelers Mutual agent was among the first to make contact and offer to help.

For our newer agents, we provide extensive training and mentoring programs to get them quickly up to speed and to give them the benefit of their peers’ know-how.

Finally, we back up our agents by giving both them and you direct access to Jewelers Mutual underwriting and claims experts whenever the need arises.

Take another look at the bullet list above. Do any of these apply to your business? What other factors could affect your insurance coverage? Your agent is just a phone call away. If you need contact information or want to speak with one of our experts in underwriting or claims, call Jewelers Mutual at 800-558-6411.

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