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3 Tips All Jewelers Should Know When Preparing for Holiday Sales

on Oct 28, 2014 3:08 PM

Staff Training for Jewelry Businesses During the Holiday SeasonWith the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the safety and security of your business through the very demanding peak sales season ahead. There are numerous tips to assist you, and we’ll dedicate the Tip of the Week to these subjects throughout the remainder of the year.

To kick off the holiday security series, we encourage you to keep three things in mind to make sure that your staff is prepared and that security remains top of mind:

Staff Training for Jewelry Businesses

Make sure that all members of the staff, both seasonal and full-time employees, have been provided with training on the following:

Timing is everything

Make sure to schedule an equal mix of new and returning employees so your staff is balanced at all times. Bulk up on experience during the weekends and nights, or whenever you anticipate being busiest.

Assign privileged access rights

Even the best screening procedures during interviews and background checks don’t guarantee the prevention of internal theft. Allow only your most experienced and trusted employees to handle your high-value items. Also, encourage employees to report any suspected dishonesty among the business’s staff members.

For more information on how you can survive the holidays, check out our new Secure Business Series video, “Holiday Season Security.”

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