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3 Tips on How to Engage Employees at Jewelry Businesses

on Nov 23, 2015 11:45 AM

Training your staff on security procedures can help prevent theft, but how do you know if a one-time training session was understood or that the takeaways were implemented? And just because they were trained to prevent outsiders from stealing, what’s stopping them from committing a theft themselves?

Knowing how to engage employees in the right way at the right time can be powerful.

Spending time in a group setting - even for just five minutes a week - can remind them of best practices to stay safe and keep them honest.

3 Tips on How to Engage Employees at Jewelry Businesses

This doesn’t have to be difficult either, especially when you’re facing heavy customer traffic. Take a few moments to plan ahead, schedule meetings with as many staff members as possible, and use these as discussion topics:

Reviewing your logbook gives everyone visibility to potential crimes that are specific to your business. You can tailor your security efforts to certain areas of your store or times of the day, and it is especially helpful to review descriptions of suspicious customers. This may help identify a pattern of casing early on.

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Giving and receiving information outside the walls of your business allows for a broader idea of what type of criminal activity is trending in your area. Regular communication with law enforcement about nearby trends also provides you with an accurate, reputable, and timely source.

Share what you know from your crime prevention network

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Don’t forget to make these employee engagement meetings enjoyable, as well as informational.

Bring in a sweet treat or healthy snack to break the ice. Mention something interesting outside of work or acknowledge some recent accomplishments to lift everyone’s spirits.

It’s still important to address concerns, but do so in a positive manner and always end on a high note.


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