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5 Minute Staff Meetings Can Help Prevent Lapses in Procedural Security

on Nov 11, 2014 11:14 AM

As sales and customer traffic soar before holidays and special events, many business will beef up their staffing to accomodate for the rush.

Educate new employees to prevent lapses in procedural security

Remember, however, that your new employees are not yet familiar with your business practices, including your security policies and procedures. Compounding this issue is the fact that, as the gift-giving holidays draw closer, finding the time to coordinate everyone becomes increasingly difficult.

This scenario can develop into the last thing any store owner wants to happen: a lapse in procedural security.


The best way you can avoid it is to call a weekly “Mandatory Monday Morning Meeting” or otherwise set a weekly day, time, and place for your team to gather for five minutes to go over reminders and refreshers on security protocols.

Giving this weekly meeting a name and mission will help ensure that its purpose and importance are preserved in everyone’s mind.

Start your meetings off right — kick off the first one showing Jewelers Mutual’s Secure Business Series video, “Holiday Season Security.” This video reinforces essential holiday security habits in less than five minutes’ time. 



Here are some more helpful hints to make these meetings engaging and constructive.

  • Keep up to date on crime trends in the jewelry industry and in your area - Jewelers Secuirty Alliance is a terrific resource!

  • Make sure the Loss Prevention collateral you have from Jewelers Mutual is up-to-date.

  • If time allows, break the ice with a warm-up question to get your staff participating.

  • Start by addressing any concerns in a positive manner (if any exist) and end the meeting on a high note (always!).

    *This post was updated in July 2016