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5 Tips for How to Receive Jewelry

on Jan 12, 2016 10:52 AM

Knowing how to properly ship jewelry is half the battle. If you aren’t adequately prepared and know how to receive jewelry correctly, you could still face a potentially large loss.

Don’t be fooled by the chances of loss resulting from receiving, either. While the question marks and endless possibilities of shipping mishaps can be laid to rest after knowing that the jewelry has made it safely to your business, a mindless accident could still occur.

After watching this video, you’ll be able to identify a five-step process that will give you a clearer idea about how to receive jewelry:

1. Cross Check

Slow down and take the time to confirm that you’re signing for the right number of packages. Also, don’t forget to make sure that the tracking numbers match.

2. Prepare to Reject

A package that arrives damaged, open, or in poor condition could have been tampered with during shipment. Don’t investigate it – just reject it and send it back to the shipper.

Prepare to Reject

3. Log In All Packages

Record all of the packages that you accept and even the ones that you reject. It’s important to capture the shipping method, tracking number, and shipper’s information. Do this right after delivery so that you don’t forget.

4. Open Carefully

Use a tidy, well-lit space to unpack your shipments and open them slowly. Avoid the possibility of suffering a throw-away loss by removing all trash cans that are anywhere near this space. Once you begin unpacking the shipment, do so one at a time and compare the content with the packing list. 

Open Carefully

After carefully examining the package and going over the list, check it over once more, along with all of the additional packaging materials. Due to the bulk of these materials, items can easily get lost inside of them.

5. Sent Confirmation

Email your sender with a list of the items received and notify them if you have refused any packages and for what reason.

BONUS TIP: Consider recording the packing and logging of received merchandise. This can help you if the shipper challenges your account of what was received.

Need to be refreshed on how to ship jewelry? We have you covered with another video containing five quick tips, just like this one!