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6 Pieces of Home Security Advice for Jewelers

on Apr 25, 2014 2:48 PM

In the not-so-distant past, the number-one off-premises target group for criminals in the jewelry industry was road warriors who were taking their jewelry lines from store to store, selling their wares.

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With changes in the economy and merchandise distribution, the number of people out on the road with their goods has decreased significantly. This has encouraged criminals to adjust tactics and direct their focus on other individuals coming and going from jewelry operations.

6 Pieces of Home Security Advice for Jewelers

Ultimately, this means that home security advice for jewelers should be heeded by anyone that works in the jewelry industry - not just those that travel.

We’ve said it before, but it bears repetition: Nearly all crimes against jewelers are preceded by some degree of surveillance, or “casing.” Criminals will position themselves to observe individuals coming and going from known jewelry operations.

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Jewelers can learn how to prevent crimes at home by following this advice before ever leaving work for the day:

  • Place generic license plates on your vehicle(s) and avoid placing any uniquely identifying stickers (i.e., auto dealers, your children’s school) on your vehicle(s). You don’t want anything on your vehicle(s) that will attract attention or assist a criminal in positively identifying you as a jeweler and more easily following you in traffic.

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  • Don’t bring jewelry merchandise home with you. Taking jewelry merchandise home exposes your family to unnecessary risks.

  • Avoid taking home a briefcase, even if it contains only paperwork. Criminals who could be observing you can’t see what’s inside and may assume you are carrying jewelry merchandise.

  • Plan and vary your route when traveling to and from your business, and drive defensively. Remain alert and aware of any/all suspicious individual(s), vehicle(s) or situations you encounter in transit. Use appropriate countermeasures or alternate routes as planned when necessary.

  • Never have any jewelry publications or business mail sent to your home address. Have them sent to your business or a post-office box.

  • Be discreet! Make sure that you and all members of your family avoid sharing the exact nature of your business with neighbors, acquaintances, or anyone else whom you do not trust explicitly. Your family members should be very careful about the information they share in all of their communications, whether with friends, schoolmates, work associates, online social networks, visitors to your residence, or anyone who calls, emails, chats, or otherwise corresponds with family members.

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Keeping these simple tips in mind will help you and your family stay safe amid the changing landscape of criminal behavior.

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