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6 Reasons Why Police Partnerships are Key for Your Security

on Jun 22, 2015 11:18 AM

Because of the high value of merchandise that it handles, your store is a likely target of criminals’ attention.

In addition to having strong procedural, electronic, and physical security measures, another key element that can help you is maintaining a strong relationship with your local law enforcement.

Police Partnerships Key for Your Security

Having a great relationship with your local law enforcement can help with the following:

  • Law enforcement officers can provide you with valuable information about your community, including crime trends.
  • Police can assist with security concerns by conducting extra patrols or providing additional security during local movement of valuable merchandise or in-store events.
  • They can advise you regarding security implications of store design and layout.
  • They will often work with you to review and develop response plans for emergencies.
  • They can provide a heightened level of response when you report a casing situation.
  • They can review your suspicious incident logbook for patterns of unusual activity.

Many jewelers have reported that their local law-enforcement personnel have been very willing to partner on the items listed above and more.

These jewelers have expressed that having strong police partnerships are key in upholding a safe jewelry operation. Introduce yourself to your local law enforcement today!

As you build a trusted relationship with police contacts, consider the following:

  • Schedule a time to meet with them in person, preferably at your establishment so they can also become familiar with it.
  • Let them know about the nature of your work, the risks associated with it, and the concerns you have.
  • Discuss with them your current crime-prevention practices and brief them on your alarm, surveillance equipment, safes, vaults, etc.
  • Ask for routine checkups/drive-bys and for any updates in criminal activity that may be affecting your area.
  • Tell them a little personal history of you and your store (a great way to make them feel more connected and motivated to help).
  • Don’t forget to discuss your security at homeBecause you’re at risk of being followed or confronted by criminals at home, ask the police to become familiar with where you live and your routines. Discuss the response to any potential crime that might take place at your home, and ask them for extra patrols when you’re away at a trade show or on vacation.
  • Keep the lines of communication open. Engage on an ongoing basis — not just when you need them.