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7 Reasons For Mentioning Personal Jewelry Insurance to Your Customers

on Mar 26, 2015 9:42 AM

Since 1953, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company has been offering personal jewelry insurance as an option for your customers to consider when protecting their new purchase. Today, the product continues to provide worldwide, comprehensive coverage against loss, theft, damaged and even mysterious disappearance.

7 Reasons For Mentioning Personal Jewelry Insurance to Your Customers

Seven reasons why you should mention Jewelers Mutual to your customers:

  1. It shows you stand by your products and care about how your customers protect their jewelry once it leaves your store.

  2. Jewelers Mutual sends insured customers back to you for regular cleanings, inspections and any necessary value reassessments.

  3. Insured customers have the flexibility to choose their preferred jeweler — you — for claim-related repairs and replacements. No need for multiple estimates from various jewelers.

  4. Jewelers Mutual pays you a profit margin for claim-related work.

  5. Receive free supplies and online tools to increase customer engagement and jewelry care education.

  6. Have more opportunities to upgrade customers’ jewelry and make additional sales as insured customers return to your store.

  7. Earn rewards to share with your dedicated staff.

Your future is rich with opportunity.

Learn more by calling a sales manager for a personal consultation at 800-558-6411, ext. 2118.

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