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7 Tips for Jewelers to Reduce the Risk of Data Breach

on Sep 23, 2014 10:49 AM

Your everyday business operations require you to handle a lot of electronic data. And while computers are part of your everyday life, all this data can put your business at risk for data theft and fraud.

How can you keep something you can’t really see or touch safe? Start with these tips:

7 Tips for Jewelers to Reduce the Risk of Data Breach

Limit what’s portable.

One lost laptop can unveil a plethora of personal data, from employees’ social security numbers to customers’ credit card numbers. Set a password on your computer, and store your records on an encrypted hard drive.

Keep your software up to date.

Hackers focus on weak spots in software. When the companies who make software uncover the weaknesses, they release software updates known as patches, to fix them. Keeping your software updated can reduce your vulnerability.

Limit your data.

Don’t collect information unless it’s essential to your business, and – when you have critical data – limit the number of places where you store it. Purge the data when you no longer need it.

Beware of software and drives.

A flash drive or file sharing music software and access to the files is all it takes for an employee to create a breach. Whether the actions were intentional or accidental, the information trusted to your business could already be in criminals’ hands.

Shred your files.

As with most types of traditional crime, a jeweler's risk of data breach is a special case. Hire a reputable secure shredding and disposal service to eliminate printed copies of documents that contain sensitive or confidential information.

Speak with IT.

E-commerce provides opportunity for your business, but it also increases your risk of data breach and cyber related security issues. Be sure that your IT department or e-commerce providers have sound security protocols in place. Ask them to create data breach emergency response plans if they don’t already have one in place, and stress your concern about protecting personally identifiable information.

Learn more about data breach and cyber-related protection

Data breach and cyber-related insurance coverage options are important to help protect your business. To learn more, find an agent that can help you better assess the unknown risks that face your business.