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Advice for Developing Emergency Evacuation Procedures

on Sep 9, 2014 10:56 AM

Advice for Developing Emergency Evacuation ProceduresYour efforts to plan ahead for catastrophic events affecting your business should include consideration of specifically what you and your staff will do in the event of an order from authorities to evacuate your business premises.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Develop an evacuation plan for your business and practice running through the plan with your employees. While once may seem like enough, it is important to practice the evacuation plan often.

This information should be on the top of everyone’s mind, not something only a few of the long term employees remember discussing several years ago. With periodic refresher training on this subject, your entire staff will be able to easily recall this information in the event of evacuation order. Determine a place to meet after the evacuation.

Discuss with your team the following steps and who is responsible for each:

  • Checking to ensure that all associates and their family members were able to safely get out of the threatened area,

  • Taking the on-site “Important Documents” along for the evacuation,

  • Grabbing the cell phone,

  • Packing merchandise in waterproof bags and securing them in the business’s safe and/or vault,

  • Setting the alarm, and

  • Locking the door.

Post-Evacuation Plan

Think about what steps you’ll need to take after evacuation, and assign a person to be responsible for each. Some of the important roles are listed below. 

  • Contact disaster team members; give instructions.

  • Deploy your emergency contact protocol for employees.

  • Confirm a media spokesperson.

  • Contact your agent or insurance company to report your loss.

  • Photograph all damaged property.

  • Complete temporary repairs to protect your building and merchandise from further damage.

  • Keep receipts for items purchased to protect your property or to assist in cleanup.

  • Remove debris as soon as the insurance adjuster has authorized you to do so.

  • Contact repair/restoration services as soon as possible to obtain quotes for the repair.

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