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Agents Do More Than Provide Insurance

on May 21, 2014 9:20 AM

Jewelers Mutual Agents do More than Provide InsuranceA key component of a jewelry business’s relationship with its insurance company is the insurance agent, who serves as the primary point of contact with the customer and acts as a liaison between the customer and the insurance underwriter.

“There’s no substitute for a dedicated and expert insurance agent who partners closely with his or her jewelry-business customers,” said Patrick Drummond, chief sales officer for Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company.

Use your trusted advisor to make your business stronger

“Jewelers Mutual, a company that for more than 100 years has been dedicated solely to protecting the jewelry industry, appoints agents who are committed to the well-being of jewelry businesses. Our agents are experts in the jewelry industry — many of them have dedicated their careers to it,” Drummond said.

“Our agents embrace and uphold Jewelers Mutual’s role as the jewelry industry’s trusted advisor,” Drummond added. “They understand that insurance is an investment. They stand out in their ability to listen to jewelers’ needs and work with Jewelers Mutual to customize the right coverages for each client’s business. They provide the industry’s best information and resources for managing risk, including on-site assessments of their clients’ physical, electronic, and procedural security measures.”

According to Drummond, it is not uncommon for a Jewelers Mutual agent to meet with jewelers’ alarm and security-system providers to ensure that security systems meet underwriting requirements and are able to provide adequate protection. Jewelers Mutual agents advise clients on store layout and design, placement and operation of security cameras, secure shipping practices, business continuity planning, record keeping best practices, and much more.

“Jewelers have a lot on their hands as they juggle the many aspects of running a competitive and successful business,” Drummond said. “Our agents take a full-service approach to their customers’ insurance and risk-management needs so those customers may focus on their businesses’ prosperity.”

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