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Build Loyalty With Your Customers: Educate Them About the 5th "C"

on Nov 19, 2014 9:08 AM

Build Loyalty With Your Customers and Educate Them About the 5th "C"Do your customers know about the fifth C?

Most of your customers have heard about the four C’s of diamond shopping, but have they heard about the fifth? Coverage, the fifth C, is an important step in protecting their diamonds, especially during holiday proposal season.

A recent survey conducted by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company revealed that most rings (60%) are not insured prior to the proposal.* Sixty percent of hopeful grooms store their rings in the home, which leaves them at a risk for loss, theft, or damage if they’re not properly protected.

According to the same survey, the jeweler was most frequently cited as influencing how to protect the ring. Take a moment (or just 20 seconds!) to mention Jewelers Mutual to your customers and you can transform the relationship with your customer into one of trust, respect and loyalty. Here’s your script for success:

  1. Ask the question: “Have you thought about jewelry insurance to protect your new purchase?”

  2. Hand your customers a personal jewelry insurance brochure from Jewelers Mutual.

  3. Explain what you’re giving them: “Here’s a brochure about jewelry insurance from Jewelers Mutual, a company I trust. You can visit their website to get a free quote and apply.”

That's all it takes. DONE!

Jewelers Mutual keeps insured customers coming back to you for regular cleanings, inspections and value reassessments, plus any claims-related repair and replacement work. Take advantage of these occasions to build on your customer relationships, perhaps by suggesting a matching piece to add to their collection, and continue educating your customers on the fifth C.

Learn how you can earn rewards for mentioning Jewelers Mutual to your customers. 

Questions? Call a Jewelers Mutual sales manager at 800-558-64411, ext 2118.

Jewelers are not licensed agents and cannot sell or offer advice about insurance coverage.
* Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, Proposals and Ring Protection Survey, September 2014.

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