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Burglary Alert: 4 Characteristics of Jewelry Crimes in California

on Aug 10, 2015 1:43 PM

Burglary Alert: 4 Characteristics of Jewelry Crimes in CaliforniaJewelers Mutual’s recent claims experience suggests that another crime group is casing jewelers and carrying out well-planned burglaries that include cutting into safes. Jewelers have reported several of these crimes in the greater Los Angeles area since the beginning of the year.

“These are not the common smash-and-dash crimes of the type where crooks break in through a window, take all unsecured merchandise they can find, and then dash out within three minutes. Rather, these crimes are the result of sophisticated plans that target jewelers’ safes,” said Don Elliott, Jewelers Mutual’s director of claims.

According to Elliott, some common characteristics of these jewelry crimes in California include:

  • The criminals gained access to the jewelry business via an adjoining space. In some cases these neighboring spaces were vacant and in others they were not. In several cases, neighboring rooftops served as the point of entry.

  • All of the losses involved a compromised TL-30 safe. The criminals used saws to cut into the safes.

  • In most instances the premises were not protected by a UL-certified alarm system.

  • Most of the locations provided easy access to a major interstate highway.

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