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Crime is on the Rise: How to Avoid Package Theft

on Apr 4, 2023 12:00 PM
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The industry is experiencing increased loss activity involving package thefts from couriers under false pretenses. Criminals are getting smarter and more creative than ever and jewelers and their clients are suffering as a result.  

What’s happening? 

Recent occurrences include packages being illegally redirected to a courier location for retrieval by the thief, or a third-party hired by the thief. At times, third-party couriers (often smaller regional couriers) are unknowingly being hired to pick up redirected packages on behalf of the thieves. These unknowing parties appear convincing. They may be wearing courier uniforms and equipped with key information related to your package, your business, or personnel at your store, thereby increasing the credibility of their story to entice the major courier to relinquish the package.  

These packages would receive a delivery scan - be sure to contact your intended recipient to ensure each package arrived safely. Always report missing packages to your carrier or – if you’re a JM® Shipping Solution user – to the JM Shipping Solution service team as soon as possible.  

What can you do to avoid package theft? 

1) Be wary of calls or emails to your store regarding tracking numbers, package information, or names of key personnel at your store.  

2) Decline sharing tracking info over the phone, even if the caller appears to be your recipient or courier personnel. Criminals have been known to pose as courier personnel regarding a problem with your shipment. They may name-drop individuals from your vendor or personnel from your organization to trick you into oversharing information or taking the action they desire.  

3) Avoid replying to email inquiries for package info without first contacting your recipient via another method (e.g.: phone) to ensure they are the one requesting information.  

4) If you are using your own courier account, be sure to request additional security be added to your account to restrict access and avoid unauthorized redirects of your packages. Personnel that can authorize redirects or holds for pickup should be limited. Consider placing alias names on file with the courier, instead of employee names. Change these names periodically, especially immediately following staff turnover. 

If new or unfamiliar courier personnel arrive for package pickup, contact your courier service at their published phone number to confirm the name of the staff sent to pick up at your store. Additionally, be wary of a courier requesting packages be handed back to them claiming they were misdelivered; this is another way criminals are committing theft.  

Stay safe by treating tracking numbers like cash and confirm the email address of your recipient prior to sharing the tracking information. This is especially important in long-standing vendor relationships where employee turnover can occur. 

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