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Discourage Grab-and-Run Thefts By Only Showing One Item at a Time

on Apr 7, 2015 10:55 AM

Discourage Grab-and-Run Thefts by Only Showing One Item at a TimeIt is especially important during the busy holiday season to avoid the temptation of giving eager customers access to handling more than one item at a time. 

Producing only one item at a time from behind the showcase helps to avoid the risk of a “double-dip” grab-and-run theft.

Producing only one item at a time from behind the showcase helps to avoid the risk of a “double-dip” grab-and-run theft.

A common technique of grab-and-run thieves is to dupe the sales associate into laying out two or more items on a display pad or even granting a request from the “customer” to handle two or more items simultaneously, ostensibly for the purpose of making comparisons. This allows the thief to double or triple his earnings by running out the door with those items.

What about customer service? It’s a good question and we know how important it is to your business to provide highly accommodating service. To help your customers compare items, let them handle one item while you show the others on your person.

One watch goes on the customer’s wrist and other goes on yours, to be held side-by-side for observation. One ring goes on your customer’s finger and the other goes on yours. You get the idea.

If a customer persists with a request to handle more than one item, blame your refusal on your insurance company. Jewelers Mutual provides its policyholders with tasteful showcase signs explaining that showing only one item at a time is an insurance requirement

Another effective preventive measure is to arrange to show items in a private showing room. This is a particularly smart technique to use when the customer is interested in looking at one or more of your high-dollar items. A thief intent on doing a grab-and-run will balk at the idea of being confined in a room to view your merchandise.

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