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Holiday Season Security in Under 5 Minutes

on Nov 11, 2015 7:58 AM

The busiest time of the year for jewelers is right around the corner and every second of preparation you take now will pay dividends later.

As each day gets busier, now is the time to review holiday season security best practices.

Secure Business Series

This video in our Secure Business Series takes you through three key points in just under five minutes:

Hire Smarter

Having reputable and honest employees can give you added peace of mind this holiday season. However, if you’re in need of additional staff to accommodate the busier days, utilizing an employment agency can make the hiring process easier.

Hire smarter

If you’re going to do it yourself though, remember to always require a completed application, stick to the same interviewing procedure, and complete a background check. Once hired, properly train all new employees in multiple areas, from customer service to procedural security.

Instill Honesty

Have a system of checks and balances to make sure that all sales, orders, and custom repairs are properly documented. Allow for only your most trusted and experienced employees to handle tasks of greater importance, but advocate that everyone hold each other accountable, reporting incidents as they arise.

Keep Security Procedures Locked Down

This relates back to the training of your employees. Everyone should know your store’s procedures in the event a situation arises, randing from locking your showcase at all times to using a code phrase to alert staff of possible danger.

Suspicious incident logbook

Record any peculiar instances in a suspicious incident logbook and make sure that your entire staff is reviewing the updates. Having each employee sign off on the entries can confirm that they’re aware.

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