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How Do I Know If I'm Being Cased? Be Alert for These 5 Warning Signs

on Nov 25, 2014 3:37 PM

Statistics show that nearly all jewelry crime is preceded by some level of casing.

Be alert for signs of casing

Even when you're in the midst of the busiest stretches of the day or year, you need to be alert and aware of any casing situations. Be on high alert if any of the following warning signs of casing happen at your location:

  • If one or more customers appear nervous and avoid eye contact, pay extra attention.

  • Those wearing bulky clothes, sunglasses, hats, hoodies or anything else to disguise their identity may be casing your premises.

  • Any questions related to your burglar alarm system, surveillance system, or security procedures should raise a red flag and put you and your staff on high alert.

  • An individual talking on a cell phone can be another red flag. The individual could be talking to an accomplice who is outside of the premises.

  • Be alert when individuals enter your store in large groups. They could be attempting to commit a sneak or distraction theft.

Consider becoming part of a local crime alert network to stay updated on crime and suspicious incidents in your area.

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*This post was updated in July 2016

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