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How to Prevent a Three-Minute Burglary: The Golden Rule + 5 Tips

on Jul 23, 2021 9:00 AM
Jewelry store burglary prevention

The perception among the public and maybe even some within the jewelry industry is that burglars must be professionals that use highly sophisticated tactics.

While it’s true that some criminals may enter through rooftops or disable alarms, most employ a simpler approach known as a “three-minute burglary."

The name certainly fits, as these brazen individuals could care less whether an alarm goes off or that the police will respond. If they can get in and get out with the merchandise they’re after in less than three minutes, they know their chance of pulling off their heist is fairly high.

Thankfully, these types of burglaries are easier to prevent than their complex counterparts.

Someone looking to commit a three-minute burglary has no intention of attacking your safe. They specifically target jewelry that is left out – including what remains inside showcases.

Think of it as a smash-and-grab robbery when no one is present. After the burglar breaks in through a door or window, they use the same strategy to access your merchandise.

The Golden Rule

Put away all merchandise overnight.

It’s as simple as that.

Anything left out and visible is practically an invitation for burglars. The time it takes to relocate your inventory from a showcase to a safe or vault is well worth it when you compare it to a potential loss.

If time is not the issue, but rather the limited capacity of your safe, it may be in your best interest to purchase a second, less durable (therefore less expensive) to store items of lower value. Even moving them to a more secure area of your store overnight is better than leaving them out in the open.

5 Tips to Prevent Burglaries

  1. Proper interior and exterior lighting gives visibility to your store, so suspicious incidents are more likely to be recognized.
  2. Ensure that your surveillance system is performing properly and recording non-stop.
  3. Use burglary-resistant glazing material on your showcases and extra protection around your windows and doors, such as metal gating that complements the rest of your exterior.
  4. If you’re located inside of a mall or shopping center, make sure your location has roll-down metal grates that can cover your storefront.
  5. DO NOT simply drape something over your showcase – even though your merchandise isn’t directly visible, this doesn’t mean that burglars aren’t tipped off that something valuable is still inside.

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