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How to Search for a Diamond on the Zing® Platform


Millions of diamonds are at your fingertips on the Zing platform. A world-class marketplace, powered by IDEX, allows you free and transparent access to inventory from suppliers around the globe. This video will walk you through how to search for any diamond you need.

Millions of diamonds are at your fingertips on the Zing platform. A world-class marketplace, powered by IDEX, allows you free and transparent access to inventory from suppliers around the globe. This video will walk you through how to search for any diamond you need.

How to Find a Diamond using the Zing Platform

After you’ve created your Zing platform account and are logged in, navigate to the Diamond Marketplace feature on your dashboard. There are several easy ways to access it - through the hamburger menu, in the module by clicking “Start Shopping Today," or by clicking the left side tab.

Select a shape from the primary shapes. You can select and multi-select by clicking the buttons. For this demonstration, we’ll select round. If you’re looking for a special shape, click the dropdown menu for a list to choose from.

Next, we’ll set our pricing. You can search by total diamond price or price per carat. For all the fields that have an entry, you can either manually enter information and, in some cases, use the dropdown, or use the slider to change the “From” and “To” values.

We’ll manually enter the price $3,500 to $6,000, and, as you can see, the slider will adjust. When using the slider, the hand icon will move the “To” and “From” to either side. Once the range is open, the cross icon will slide the entire bar.

Now we’ll enter additional search characteristics.

  • For "Carat," we’ll enter .95 to 1.05.
  • For "Color," we’ll select from F to H.
  • Next, we’ll set "Clarity" parameters. We’ll go with VVS2 to SI1.
  • For "Cut Grade," we’re looking for something Excellent to Very Good.
  • And for "Polish," we’ll choose Excellent to Good.
  • For "Symmetry," we’re looking for Excellent to Good.

We can also set parameters for "Fluorescence Intensity" and "Fluorescence Color." We’ll choose “None” for intensity and leave color on “All.”

Next, you may select "Grading Labs." There is a dropdown list. We will keep it on “All.”

Now, we have Advanced Options available – from "Location" to "Measurements," "Girdle" and more. You can make additional selections here.

For this search, we will only focus on the location and we’re going to pick Israel and India.

Once all the values are set, we’ll click “Search Diamonds.” Our Diamond Search Results appear.

You’ll see how many diamonds were found using the criteria we entered. We can sort the list from highest to lowest price and re-sort from lowest to highest.

From the results page, we can take a couple of different actions. We can export this entire page to Excel if we want to take a look at it offline and do some additional filtering or look at some criteria.

We can also compare a few different diamonds by exporting "Selected Diamonds" to Excel. To find out more about any diamond in our search results, we can expand the details.

Here we can view an image of the diamond, if one is available. We can also view the Grading Lab report which shows a full assessment of the diamond.

Within the expanded view, we can take several additional actions. We can email the diamond details or save the information as a PDF. The email provides a PDF version to the recipient. Let’s save as a PDF and take a look at the document.

You’ll see the image, a link to the grading lab report, the diamond price is listed, along with all of the characteristics on file for this particular diamond. Back to the expanded view.

From here, we can buy this diamond. Or we can buy from the line item. Either way works.

We’ll select the "Buy" button which will take us to the “Order Details” screen. Here we can go back to our search results or modify our search to find another diamond.

Under “Order Details," we can view the diamond details, the return policy and the authentication guarantee.

Under “Delivery Details,” if we have multiple locations, we can select the location where we want the diamond delivered.

Under “Cart,” we’ll see the total diamond price, the diamond authentication fee, shipping and handling, transaction fee and payment processing to tell me my total transaction cost.

Now, we can click “Complete Your Order” to purchase our diamond. The order confirmation screen will appear.

Wiring details and instructions are listed, along with order details – including the diamond details - and shipping information.

Your purchase will not be processed or fulfilled until the transfer of funds is complete. We’ve made our purchase!

If we’d like, we can start a new search by clicking “Start a New Search Now.”

You now have all the basic information you need to search for a diamond using the Diamond Marketplace feature on the Zing Platform.

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