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How to Submit a Care Plan Claim on the Zing® Platform


Easily access JM™ Care Plan on the Zing platform and protect your customers’ jewelry and watches from damage; keeping them in like-new condition. This video will walk you through how to create a JM Care Plan claim for your customer.

How to Submit a Care Plan Claim on the Zing Platform  

After you’ve created your Zing platform account, and your care plan module has been activated, log in and navigate to the feature on your dashboard.

Click “File a Claim” to get started immediately.

We’re going to begin by clicking “Dashboard” for a quick look at the care plan dashboard. Here, we can see our tasks and team tasks. For example, this team task shows an “In Progress” claim and the most recent action took place on September second by Cindy, one of our team members.

We can also see our recently viewed sales and claims, and a current status for each. Under the “Sales” tab, we can see every care plan sold to date. Customer, item, and other details display in the various columns. We can click on any sale to view additional details and claims history.

Let’s get started on filing a claim. There are two ways to begin.

  1. Under the “Sales” tab, we can locate the sales record by using the search function. For example, we can enter the customer’s name. Then, select the sale. And click “New Claim” to start the process.
  2. We can also start a new claim through the “Claims” tab by entering the Transaction ID, which can be found on the customer’s sales receipt. Please note, you cannot file a new claim on an item if an open claim exists on that item. We’ll start a new claim now on an item that needs repair. We’ll click “New Claim” and enter the Transaction ID. And then “Search.” The sale appears. We’ll select it and click “Next.”

Now, we will choose where the item will be repaired – either in-house or at a repair center. If an item can’t be repaired, we’d select “This Item Will Be Replaced.” For this example, we will select “Repair In-House.” Click “Next.”

Now we’ll enter claim information. Fields with an asterisk are mandatory. We’ll enter the "Product Failure" date. A "Job Envelope Number" is optional. The "Business Organization" field is pre-filled along with the location where the item will be repaired.

If an organization has multiple locations, we can select one from the dropdown menu. The product code may be pre-selected, if it was entered at the time of the care plan purchase. We can add the item description. This field may also be pre-filled. We’ll click “Next.”

Now we’ll verify our customer’s information. The information pre-filled because it was entered in at the time of the sale. The customer’s first name, last name and email or phone number are required. The address information is optional. Click “Next.”

Now we’ll enter repair information. We’ll select our repairs from the dropdown menu. We can either scroll through the options or type in a repair to search and find the one we need. It is possible to add multiple repair types. We can change the quantity of any repair and view the cost of each one, along with the total cost.

Now that we’ve added the repair types, we’ll click “Review and Submit.” We’ll review our claim and we can edit the information, if necessary. Everything looks correct so we will “Submit.” And we’re done!

Our claim has been submitted and we’ll receive notification once our request is approved. We’ll click “View Claim.” Now we can see the "Claim ID" and all of the information we submitted. Communicating with the Claims Specialist is easy.

Anytime we want to review our claim, we can go to the “Sales” tab and type in the Transaction ID to retrieve the care plan. We’ll see the claim under “Claim History.” Right now, it’s pending approval. Once it’s approved, the status will be switched to “In Repair.” When we finish the repair, we’ll need to go into the claim and mark it as repaired to move the process forward.

If the cost of a claim is under fifty dollars, and a Claims Specialist approved it, you do not need to move the claim forward after the repair is complete. You will automatically receive payment.

For this demonstration, our claim is over fifty dollars, so after we’ve marked the item as repaired, the claim will again be reviewed by a Claims Specialist for reimbursement approval. Once approved, the claim status will change to “Pending Payment,” which means payment has been approved and we will receive it the following month.

You now have all the basic information you need to file a JM Care Plan claim on the Zing Platform.

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