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How to Submit a Personal Jewelry Claim on the Zing® Platform

on Oct 16, 2020 9:05 AM

When your customers’ jewelry is lost, stolen or damaged - it’s easy to help on the Zing platform! This video will walk you through how to create and submit personal lines claims for Jewelers Mutual policyholders.

How to Submit a Jewelry Claim

After you’ve created your Zing platform account, and are logged in, navigate to the Personal Line Claims module on your Dashboard.

You can also access the module by clicking the hamburger menu and selecting “Customer Jewelry Claims.” Click the “Plus” sign to enter the module and start a claim for a customer.

Start by entering some basic information about the insured customer – including their email, last name and postal code. Then click “Begin.”

Now, enter the customer’s phone number. And if they have it - their account number, and/or policy number. Here you’ll enter the customer’s name and date of birth, which is optional.

Next, enter the customer’s address.

You may have noticed a progress bar at the top of the screen shows where you’re at in the process. Select who is reporting the loss, and please note here – if you, the jeweler, are personally with the policyholder/wearer or spouse when submitting the claim, select the "Policyholder/Wearer" or "Spouse" button.

If you’re acting on behalf of the insured to submit the claim, without the customer/wearer or spouse present, select the “Jeweler” button. Select P"olicyholder/Wearer" and  add information about what happened. Please indicate if the item is damaged or missing.

If you select “Damaged” – a list of items appears to help describe the damage. If you select “Lost or Stolen” – a different list of items appears to help describe the loss. The most common reasons are included in each list; however, an “Other” option is also provided to select when necessary.

For the purpose of this demonstration, we will say the item is damaged. And for the description, a side stone was lost. Enter additional information now, including the date of loss and what happened. You can indicate whether a police report was filed. If you click "Yes," you’ll need to fill in the date. The other information is optional. We’ll select "No." Here, we’ll add the item type and include a nickname, if we’d like. Additional items can also be added.

Now you can upload any files relevant to the claim, such as a police report, photos of the damage or an appraisal. Only accepted file types can be uploaded, and uploading files is optional, but doing so helps speed up the claim process.

You're almost done! Next, review the claim and confirm the customer’s information, claim details, report details and file uploads. You can make any corrections by clicking the pencil icon in each section. Here, you can also upload files. If everything looks good, you can click “Submit.” And you’re done!

Your claim has been submitted. You have a claim number and can see the name of the Claim Examiner assigned to this claim. The customer will receive a confirmation email with claim details and next steps. The claim will appear on your Claims dashboard after Jewelers Mutual Group reviews it. Now you can start another claim, or go to the Claims dashboard.

You can go into the Claims dashboard anytime and view up to date information about all of your open claims, including whether a payment’s been made and the claim status.

You can click on a claim to view additional details and any attachments. And you can go into the Communication Hub for a complete log of everything done with the claim. You can communicate with Jewelers Mutual Claims Examiners here, too. You’ll receive an email any time Jewelers Mutual links a claim to you and you can check your customer assignments at any time by viewing your dashboard.

Now you have all the basic information you need to create and submit a claim using the Personal Line Claims module on the Zing Platform.