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Jewelers Block Insurance: Recognizing the Top Agents in the Industry

on Jun 13, 2017 12:00 PM


Jewelers block insurance is one of the most complex coverages available in the insurance marketplace.

Because jewelry businesses are so one-of-a-kind, it’s especially difficult to find an agent who is truly an expert in the industry. Like any talented professional, expertise can only take an insurance agent so far. Without offering dedication and committment to the specific needs of each and every jeweler an agent represents, extensive jewelers block insurance experience loses some of its value.

Reaching the pinnacle of unrivaled knowledge and unwavering support is rare, but Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company has been seeking out agents who meet this profile since 1913. Every agent representing Jewelers Mutual today fulfills these values and each year those who standout are recognized for their achievements.

Jewelers Block Insurance Awards

Based on results from 2016, select agencies have been honored for exceptional and high performance with the honors of Jewelers Mutual’s President’s Club and Centerstone Circle awards, respectively.

Their success is partly measured by how well they keep jewelers like you safe, secure, and successful. The following companies have been awarded for their jewelers block insurance expertise and committment to service:

President's Club Centerstone Circle

All American Insurance, Inc.

Associated Agencies, Inc.

CAI Insurance Agency, Inc.

Child-Genovese Insurance Agency, Inc.

Clockwork Insurance Services, Inc.

Dawson of Florida

Insurance Specialists of Virginia, Inc.

JM Insurance Services, LLC

Judy Carter & Associates, LLC

MJM Global Insurance Brokerage Group, Inc.

The Clippinger Insurance Agency

The Insurance Marketplace

The Signature B & B Companies

AP Intego Insurance Group, LLC

Cargil Insurance Corp dba: AIB

CJB Insurance Services

Crosby & Henry, Inc.

Jewelers Insurance Services, Inc.

JMI Insurance Services, LLC

Lubin-Bergman Organization, Inc.

M L Cutler & Company, Inc.

Mountain States Insurance Marketing

Riemer Insurance Group

Rossmann-Hurt-Hoffman Inc.

Smith Brothers


If you’re not partnered with an agent who represents Jewelers Mutual, it’s time you looked into it.

With increases in violent crimes and emerging threats like data breach,  it’s more important than ever to work with an agent who can act as both a loss prevention expert and a coverage advisor.

Other challenges like online retailing also face jewelers today, so every opportunity to build a successful business needs to be capitalized on in order to remain competitive. Jewelers Mutual agents can assist with this too by introducing you to exclusive jeweler programs that can enhance your customer service and strengthen customers’ loyalty.

Don’t wait until your next renewal — find a Jewelers Mutual agent to work for you today!

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