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Jewelry Insurance Provides Happiness and Peace of Mind for Customers

on Jul 24, 2014 10:06 AM

jewelry_insurance_for_your_customers_-_couple“My best friend’s husband lost his ring on his honeymoon while playing volleyball in the shallow water.”

“I lost my ring and found it months later. We sold our car and the dealership found it under the seat.”

“My husband lost his (ring) at a party. We found it the next day in the beverage bucket.”

These are real-life, lost-ring stories submitted to the website, and while many such stories have happy endings, just as many do not. Summer may be wedding season, but with the warm weather and increase in outdoor activities, it can also be lost-or-damaged-ring season.

An insurance policy may not replace the memories associated with an engagement or wedding ring, but it can alleviate the financial stress of replacing it. Remind your couples of the importance of protecting those symbols of love with insurance.*

Jewelers Mutual offers personal jewelry insurance that you can inform your customers about, which provides worldwide, comprehensive coverage against loss, theft, damage or mysterious disappearance, or unexplained loss – which is common with an item so small. Plus, Jewelers Mutual coverage will ensure that customers’ rings are replaced or repaired with the same kind and quality as the original – something not all policies will do.

Turn happy endings into happily ever-after

While jewelry insurance for your customers is important, it can be an even more essential tool for your business growth and with building loyalty. Mentioning jewelry insurance to customers shows that you stand by your products and care about how they protect their jewelry once it leaves your store.As an added business benefit, Jewelers Mutual encourages insured customers to return to your store for regular inspections, cleanings, and reassessments.

In addition, with Jewelers Mutual, customers have the flexibility to choose you – their preferred jeweler – for claim-related repairs and replacements should the worst happen. No need for multiple estimates from various jewelers. Benefits such as these make it worth your while to mention Jewelers Mutual so that you can be the jeweler to restore your customers’ happiness.

Want to learn more?

Send us a message or call 800-336-5642 ext. 2118.

*Jewelers are not licsened agents and cannot offer or sell insurance

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