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Keeping Jewelry Safe: 3 Holiday Safety Tips for Your Customers

on Nov 25, 2015 8:59 AM

With Black Friday extending into Thanksgiving and Small Business Saturday, the tipping point of holiday shopping enthusiasm is about to be reached.

Unfortunately, this marked increase in shopping can also mean an increase in crime.

You’ve probably already made plans to enhance your own security for the holiday season, but what about extending holiday safety tips to your customers for keeping jewelry safe?

Keeping Jewelry Safe: 3 Holiday Safety Tips for Your Customers

As a trusted jeweler who sells the high-end gifts thieves target, you’re in a unique position to help customers keep themselves – and their beautiful new purchases – safe during the holidays and beyond.

Make a difference in your customers’ holiday shopping season by takings steps to enhance their security and giving them these holiday safety tips:

Safety in the store

The first thing you can do is make sure your checkout area is clear. It is especially important to shield the area where a customer enters a PIN or an electronic signature.

After checkout, you should also offer some extra-large bags to customers that are trying to struggling several small bags or packages. A customer’s loss could also occur simply by accident when they have so much to keep track of.

Speaking of bags, while you may love your store’s custom bags, they could be advertising what’s inside to the wrong crowd. For extra security, consider placing your store bag inside a less noticeable bag, especially this time of year.

Safety at home

Is the jewelry your customer is purchasing a holiday gift? Advise them not to put it under the tree until just before they’re ready to give it. Those beautifully wrapped packages are a magnet for thieves who break into homes looking for easy, brand-new merchandise.

Keeping Jewelry Safe: 3 Holiday Safety Tips for Your Customers

According to, it takes an average burglar less than 60 seconds to break in and only 10 additional seconds to grab valuable belongings.

Safety when traveling

Are your customers heading out of town for the holidays? Tell them to have their jewelry appraised before they go and to make a list of pieces they’re taking with them. If they’re traveling by plane, they should always pack jewelry in a carry-on bag, never in checked baggage.

Advise them to leave expensive pieces at home, preferably in a safe deposit box, and wear less expensive travel jewelry. They’ll have a lot less to lose and worry about.

Just a few extra precautions this time of year can make a world of difference with customer satisfaction and loyalty. Adopting some security measures on their behalf and providing a few holiday safety tips will remind them how much you value their business and will help ensure they have a safe and secure holiday season.


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