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New Service From Jewelers Board of Trade Aims to Assist Non-Members

on Jun 25, 2014 9:12 AM

New Service From Jewelers Board of Trade Aims to Assist Non-MembersThe Jewelers Board of Trade has announced the launch of a new service to assist non-JBT members in the jewelry industry to more easily monitor and manage their credit profiles with JBT.

While many retail jewelry firms have joined the JBT to access the full array of member benefits, JBT RatingWatch was developed as a useful tool for retail jewelers who are not JBT members. JBT actively tracks and communicates with over 20,000 North American retail firms.

Over the years, many of these companies, especially those who are conscientious about their credit data, and also JBT members providing products and services to these companies, have asked JBT to offer a service that makes it easier to self-monitor credit ratings and communicate updated information to include in a company’s JBT credit file.

With RatingWatch, JBT has responded to this need. This annual subscription service electronically provides a monthly credit report snapshot, including information and tools to contact JBT for further assistance.

“Without compromising the confidential nature of JBT members’ exchange of credit information, this service allows retailers to readily know their credit rating, their JBT ID, how many times their report is being ordered, and key business data on file with JBT,” said Dione Kenyon, JBT president.

“JBT RatingWatch data helps subscribers better manage their business partner relationships, including those with vendors, service providers, and major trade shows that utilize JBT in their qualification process. Our hope is that better information leads to better business for all involved.”

The service costs $199 annually, payable by credit card. JBT is also offering a year-one-partner discount for verified members of certain trade associations, currently including the American Gem Society.

For more information please call JBT at 401-467-0055, visit, or email [email protected].

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