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Optimizing Jewelry Store Security With Physical & Electronic Upgrades

on Apr 17, 2017 4:09 PM

Physical and electronic security features can represent a major investment for jewelry store security.

Many of these features, such as safes and alarms, are absolutely essential to have if you're doing business in the jewelry industry, though. So, why wouldn't you maximize the return on your investment and get what will offer you the highest level of security?

The following areas can sometimes be viewed as a necessary evil, rather than a strategic component of a jewelry business's success. Instead of investing only in common features that may leave you with a false sense of security, consider upgrading to these recommendations for optimal jewelry store security:

Security Feature What's Common What's Recommended
Security guards Hired guard services with uniformed and unarmed guards Armed, uniformed, active off-duty police officers
guard service active police officer
Showcases Tempered or plate glass with protective film UL-listed glass with glazing material on all sides
broken showcase quality showcase
Surveillance cameras  Ceiling mounted in one or few locations 360-degree view and in multiple locations
Surveillance camera - ceiling mounted-300059-edited.jpeg 360 camera
Alarm systems Not UL-certified and without line security UL-certified with central station monitoring
tampering with alarm monitored alarm
Safes UL ratings of TL-15 or TL-30 UL ratings of TRTL-15x6 or TRTL-30x6
low quality safe high quality safe


Still not convinced that these upgrades will optimize your jewelry store security?

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