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Prepare and Recover From Disasters by Answering These 9 Questions

on Aug 26, 2014 10:17 AM

No one expects a hurricane, wildfire or other natural disaster to hit home or strike their business. That’s why many business owners become complacent and neglect to plan for the worst.

Don’t wait until a storm is heading for your neighborhood or the fire trucks are on their way. Think about what you’d do right now if there was an evacuation order, and develop a business continuity plan.Prepare and Recover From Disasters by Answering These 9 Questions

It can help you minimize business downtime and ensure you have the documentation you’ll need for any insurance claims if your business is in the path of destruction.

Where do you begin? Start with the answers to these disaster planning questions:

  • What is your management succession plan?

  • Who will make financial and accounting decisions to track costs?

  • Which operations are critical to the survival and recovery of your business?

  • Which employees have the skills necessary to provide key business functions?

  • If your current location is not accessible, do you have an alternate facility available?

  • How will you handle payroll? Do you have emergency payroll plans in place?

  • How will you communicate with your customers?

  • How will you expedite repairs and replacement of destroyed inventory?

  • Should you consider downsizing your operations while a portion of your business is not operational?

Once you’ve had a chance to think through your answers, start documenting your plan. Make it part of your yearly business plan to review your procedures and share the information with all employees. All employees should know their roles in the event of a disaster.