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Proper Lighting for Jewelry Businesses Can Deter Crime Day & Night

on Jan 13, 2015 2:30 PM

While you may be tempted to keep the lights in your store off at night to save energy and money, it could be short-sighted.

Proper Lighting for Jewelry Businesses Can Deter Crime Day & Night

You’re already aware that proper lighting during the day can enhance the appearance of your merchandise, but did you know that during the evening hours, proper lighting for jewelry businesses can deter crime? Keeping your lights on is also essential to obtain useful images from your surveillance system.

When you lock up and leave for the evening, consider the following to increase the safety of your business:

Keep it bright. During business hours, keep the lights on even when it’s sunny outside.

Put a spotlight on safety. Keeping the lights on throughout your business at night can deter crime. If there is criminal activity in your location, passersby are more likely to notice the activity than they would if it was dark. The lights on the outside of your business are important too.

They can help prevent would-be burglars from snooping around. Consider leaving a light on at all entrances to the business and any dark alleyways or less traveled corridors or sidewalks.

Don’t forget your parking lot. If you have a parking lot, ensure that it’s adequately lit. This can help keep your employees and customers safe as they’re walking to their cars.

Protect your lights. Mount your lights up high, so they can’t be easily smashed by a criminal. Also, consider using mesh wire or other covering to protect your fixtures.

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