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Protect Yourself From the Liability of Slip-and-Fall Accidents

on Feb 26, 2014 10:16 AM

Protect Yourself From the Liability of Slip-and-Fall AccidentsIn many areas of the U.S., winter weather will linger, leaving icy conditions, slippery walkways, and wet floors for at least a few more weeks than we expect. Are you protected if a customer falls and injures himself on your walkway and later sues you for negligence?

Here are some precautions to help you protect your business:

  • Use entry mats. Use mats for all indoor/outdoor entrances and make sure they don’t block the door. Mats should lie flat and be thin enough that no one trips. Place a sign where there may be wet or slippery floors to call extra attention to those areas and help prevent accidents.

  • Distribute salt or sand. Keep exterior walkways or parking lots salted or sanded during the winter months. Make sure you stock up on salt, sand or ice melt before the first snow storm hits.

  • Monitor floors. Check repeatedly for wet or slippery floors, especially during inclement weather or when customer traffic is high.

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