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Safety and Security Preparations for JCK Las Vegas 2016

on May 26, 2016 11:00 AM

It's not just any trade show or industry event. It's JCK Las Vegas 2016 and it's poised to be bigger and better than ever.

You can't be blamed for being excited, but you still need to keep safety and security preparations top of mind.

As you finalize your travel plans, consider these things to make sure you and your jewelry make it home safely.

Familiarize yourself with the layout

Just like an amusement park has themed sections, JCK has "neighborhoods" to explore. In fact, there are 24 of them spread out among four separate spaces.

JCK has a well-detailed 3D map of the show that neatly lays out all of the points of interest associated with the exhibition.


Photo courtesy: JCK

But remember, Mandalay Bay is enormous. You may also want to check out the convention center floor plans to get another perspective on the location as a whole. With a space that big, getting lost by accident can be easier than you think.

Plan your routes between show floor exhibits and outside of secured areas

Did you know you can make a personalized plan for your very own JCK experience? Visit JCK My Show to learn about preview exhibitors, special events, and much more. 

Your account will also sync with the JCK mobile app so you can access everything on the go and also use an indoor GPS. Not only will you know your relative location, but you can also avoid the hassle of trying to fold, unfold, and refold a giant map.

This video from JCK gives plenty of advice for navigating the event:


However, the most important thing to keep in mind is your travel outside of the event space. The show itself is highly secured, but criminals keep tabs on areas where attendees could be vulnerable. 

Always be on high alert for suspicious people behaving in a way that seems out of place with the rest of the show. 

  • Is someone pacing back and forth in the parking garage? 
  • Has someone been following you up to your hotel room?
  • Have you noticed the same suspicious person at off-site restaurants or entertainment venues you're attending?
  • If you're traveling from JCK to JIS or Couture, are you sure that the shuttle or ride-service that your using is free of any unwanted followers?

Our Jewelry Trade Shows: Security for Before, During, and After blog is a great place to get comprehensive tips for how to prevent and react to these situations if they arise.

Make sure your insurance provides adequate protection

If you're traveling with a sizeable amount of valuable merchandise, you need to assess your risk before you leave for the show. Too often, showgoers attempt to obtain or adjust their coverages once they arrive.

Waiting until then leaves a narrow time frame for you to obtain the protection you're seeking. Of course, by the time you get caught up in all the excitement of Las Vegas, you might even forget to follow up on the unfinished items of your pre-show to-do list.

Don't wait for JCK Las Vegas 2016 to start, consult a coverage consultation with a professional today!



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