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Secure Business Series Video Puts Disaster Planning on Your Radar

on Aug 22, 2014 11:22 AM

Hurricanes are often associated with the warm weather of summer, but few realize that hurricane season doesn’t peak until mid-September and won’t end until Nov. 30. Even though major storms have been relatively scarce this year, Jewelers Mutual is familiar with “the calm before the storm.”

Secure Business Series Video Puts Disaster Planning on Your Radar

We have created a new Secure Business Series video titled “Disaster Preparedness” to emphasize the importance of disaster planning and put the threat on people’s radar, regardless of the forecast. Learn about the correct approach in three distinct phases.

Phase one is preparing before the storm by backing up important information, locking up high-value items, taking “before” pictures of merchandise, weatherproofing your building, updating your contacts and conducting a drill.

Phase two addresses how to handle the imminent threat of a storm by remaining calm, staying connected and following your plan.

Phase three begins with contacting your insurance provider, taking pictures of any damage and beginning the cleanup process.



“Disaster Preparedness” is the fourth installment in the Secure Business Series from Jewelers Mutual. In just under four minutes, you and your team can learn valuable information that can save your business and could save your lives. Don't forget to view the other videos in the series:

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