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Secure Your Coverage by Using Autopay on Your Premium

on Aug 22, 2014 10:04 AM

Secure Your Coverage by Using Autopay on Your PremiumAt Jewelers Mutual we truly hate to hear about a jeweler who suffers a loss and has no insurance because missed payments caused the insurance policy to lapse. In our experience this is rare … but it is nonetheless heartbreaking each time it happens.

For this reason, we encourage all jewelry-business operators to inquire with their insurance companies about enrolling in an autopay program. With on-time payments automatically drafted and paid, the jeweler doesn’t have to worry about the insurance policy being in force when something goes wrong.

Have an autopay insurance premium and give yourself some peace of mind! If you are a Jewelers Mutual customer, give us a call at 800-558-6411 and we’ll set you up.

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