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Security Tips for JCK Las Vegas

on May 25, 2017 5:25 PM

Las Vegas skyline

Will you be one of the 30,000 professionals attending JCK Las Vegas this year?

Whether you're affiliated with one of the 23,000+ retailers or 2,300+ vendors in attendance, it's important for everyone to keep security top-of-mind. After all,  a dramatic burglary that took place inside of a Las Vegas casino is still fresh in recent memory.

One of the reasons JCK Las Vegas has been such an outstanding event is because no stone is left unturned when it comes to security. The event staff works not only with the venue, but also with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. 

As enjoyable as it is to browse through the 24 "neighborhoods" that will be set up — and trying to visit every one at the show — you can't overlook the security measures that will be in place. Here's how JCK Las Vegas will be helping to keep you safe and secure:

  • Be prepared to be approached by security staff if you need assistance inside, at entry, or outside the show
  • You're required to wear the ID badge that's provided
  • Bag checks will be in operation
  • You may encounter walk-through or handheld scanners
  • CCTV cameras will be monitoring and recording the event
  • Uniformed and covert security guards will be in attendance at all events, while police and canine units will be present at some events

People at a trade show

Despite these measures, every showgoer still has a level of personal responsibility to maximize his safety and security at all times. Here is what you're requested to do while at the show:

  • Don't leave any items — merchandise or personal belongings — unattended at any time
  • Report any suspicious incidents to a member of the event staff, security guard, or police officer
  • Have patience during security checks and allow yourself extra time in case you have to go through a bag check or scanner on your way to the next exhibit
  • Follow the instructions of event staff, security guards, and police officers
  • In addition to your provided ID badge, carry another recognized form of photo ID at all times
  • Dispose of your badge inside of the event during your final visit or after you've returned home — do not leave it outside of the event space

Bonus Tip!

When you're in Las Vegas, but outside of the show, always remove your badge. The last thing you want is for a criminal to identify you when you're not within the confines of show security.


Extra protection for JCK Las Vegas

If you're exhibiting with valuable lines of merchandise, make sure that you're traveling with sufficient insurance coverage. Thanks to the tremendous security offered at the show, it is relatively safe compared with the hotels, airports, and taxis or ridesharing service that you use outside of the show.

Don't wait to double check your coverage, though. The sooner you work with your agent and insurance company, the more likely you'll be able to get the coverage you're seeking.

Going to JCK Las Vegas?

Don't forget to visit Jewelers Mutual at these locations to discuss how to protect your business, as well as how to grow revenue and cut costs with our exclusive programs:

  • JCK: Booth L106 (The Gallery neighborhood, Level 1 of Mandalay Bay)
  • LUXURY: Salon LUX906 (Level 2)

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*This post was originally published in May 2017 and has been updated for accuracy

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