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Snow Removal Recommendations for Businesses

on Feb 10, 2014 11:26 AM

Snow Removal Recommendations for BusinessesWinter can be harsh. Many locations in the US and Canada can experience heavy snow, freezing rain, sub-zero temperatures, or any combination of these conditions. And it always seems like it returns just as more tolerable weather attempts to set in!

Whether you own your building or are a tenant, remember the potential effects of the elements on your facility’s exterior and structure while that facility is protecting your business and customers from the harsh conditions.

One particular area of concern is the roof. Sure, the white snow looks pretty up there but, under the weight, your roof is screaming for mercy!

As snow accumulates, the weight of accumulated snow and ice can cause your roof to collapse, creating a huge mess in your business which will likely cause you to close your doors while repairs and clean-up are accomplished.

For these reasons, Jewelers Mutual recommends that, throughout the winter season, you include on your building-maintenance list the removal of heavy snow from your roof. Also, if any leaks appear on the inside of your building, have them addressed immediately.

Be prepared for facility-related emergencies. If you own your facility or are otherwise responsible for its maintenance, keep a list of reputable contractors who can respond quickly. Include a list of water remediation services. Most will respond 24 hours a day to a request for an emergency clean-up.

Click here to find out the unexpected ways do-it-yourself projects cause more harm than good.

If you are a tenant, keep a close eye on your building and contact your landlord or property-management company when you see something that needs attention.

To reiterate, we recommend the use of professional contractors for rooftop snow removal and other seasonal services that could present risks. After all, you want to avoid any setbacks precipitated by not only a damaged building but also an injury to yourself or a staff associate.

Winter will pass but, until spring arrives, take precautions to prevent a snow-related insurance claim!

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