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Take Caution When Traveling by Car

on Aug 31, 2015 1:22 PM

Take Caution When Traveling by CarWe continue to see crimes committed against jewelers that are traveling, both from the wholesale and retail segments.

It is critically important for you to be aware of your surroundings at all times and take caution when traveling by car.

Keep these tips in mind whenever you are traveling:


Park as close as possible to your destination – the shorter the distance, the less opportunity thieves have to make their hit. Also, try to avoid multi-level parking garages if at all possible. If you must use them, park in a well-traveled portion of the garage.

Even if this requires you to drive around for a few moments, it’s worth the extra travel time to keep you safe.

What you should use whenever possible, are valet and attended parking services. Remember to use a valet key for this purpose.

Lastly, if you are with someone, have them walk you out to your car or watch you leave.

Inspect Your Car

Inspect your car on a regular basis to look for signs of tampering. Check locks, tires, windows and the trunk for any signs of tampering. Look for fluids under the car and any pry marks. You should also watch for any suspicious persons around your car. If you see any of these, return to your destination and contact the police.

Problems on the Road

A common strategy of thieves is to cause mechanical issues to your car. When you pull over, that’s their chance to rob you of any merchandise you are carrying. If you experience any mechanical issues, JSA advises that you should consider yourself a crime target. Call 911 and get to a place of safety.

Fly Under the Radar

Although it’s tempting to put that bumper sticker or vanity plate on your car, resist the urge. In fact, remove anything that can uniquely identify your vehicle (vanity plates, dealer stickers, license plate frames). It will make you blend in and appear less of a target while you are traveling between locations.

Want a comprehensive course on travel safety? Check out our "Danger on the Road" educational loss prevention course by signing up for JM University®!

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