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The Multiple Benefits of Joining a Crime Prevention Network

on Jul 29, 2014 3:44 PM

Crime prevention networks are one of the best ways for jewelers to collectively help stop crime before it happens. By joining together with other jewelers in your area, you can share your loss experiences as well as any suspicious incidents that may have occurred in your business.

By openly sharing this information with other network members and the police, you can help to reduce and even prevent jewelry crime in your area.

The Multiple Benefits of Joining a Crime Prevention Network

What are the Benefits of Joining a Crime Prevention Network?

When a functioning crime prevention network is in place, within minutes of an incident the affected jeweler can share the details with all of the other local jewelers and law enforcement in the area. The sharing of this information will help prevent additional losses by making the other members of the network aware and putting them on the lookout for the perpetrators.

If the perpetrators subsequently make a similar crime attempt in a network member’s business, the likelihood of the criminals’ being recognized and apprehended will be much greater.

Making the arrest of even one criminal has the potential to reveal the connections to a larger crime network and recover a significant amount of stolen merchandise. 

How Does the Information Flow?

There are several ways for the network to disseminate crime information in your area, including phone, text messaging, email, and social media. Electronic means of communication like email are probably best at reaching a large group quickly, but a calling tree for a smaller group may work best.

After weighing the pros and cons of each method, determine which method will work best for you and your group.

If you decide to use social media or email to deliver your messages, keep in mind some best practices to ensure the security of your emails and how visible your business is on social media.

Who Operates the Network?

As with any successful organization, you will need a strong leader to act as a communication coordinator. This person should be fed crime details from the network members and should then be responsible for distributing a concise and clear alert to the network members.

Be sure to include these details: 

  • the date and time of the incident,
  • the place where it occurred,
  • the type of crime,
  • the number of suspects,
  • a description of the suspects,
  • the suspects’ methods in attempting or committing the crime,
  • the property stolen, and
  • a description of the suspects’ vehicle.

For more information about joining a crime prevention network or creating your own, please contact Jewelers Security Alliance in the U.S. or the Jewelers Vigilance Canada.