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Why a Typical Smart Jewelry Warranty May Leave Customers Wanting More

on Dec 22, 2015 2:26 PM

According to a recent article in AdAge, wearables have seen rapid growth in consumer adoption in 2015, with 39 million U.S. adults expected to use smart watches and fitness trackers, a 58% jump over the same time last year. 

Chances are, your customers are talking about smart jewelry, too, which would include any wearable technology designed to be worn on the body in the same way as traditional jewelry, like smart watches. 

As smart jewelry tops your customers’ wish lists, you should feel confident in mentioning the options they have to protect their latest purchase.*

While a smart jewelry warranty may seem like the easiest choice at first glance, it's important that your customers understand the coverage options available. Why? Because typical smart jewelry warranties may fall short when it comes to protecting what your customers want covered.

Why a Typical Smart Jewelry Warranty Can Let Your Customers Down

Thankfully, they can insure all types of smart jewelry, including watches, bracelets, rings and pendants and be offered the same protection they would receive with a piece of traditional jewelry.**

The chart below shows a side-by-side comparison of the coverage offered by Jewelers Mutual versus typical warranties and protection plans:

Coverage comparison chart

Benefits for them

It's not only smart jewelry. Your customers receive this coverage for all of their jewelry insured with us — from engagement rings, wedding bands and watches to earrings, bracelets and loose stones being set.

Everyone deserves to have a policy that comprehensively covers against accidental loss, theft, damage, and mysterious disappearance  while also including coverage for worldwide travel.

Covering smart jewelry with the same detail we apply to all jewelry gives your insured customers the freedom to wear their tech without worry. To learn more about Jewelers Mutual’s smart jewelry coverage, visit The Jewelry Box Blog and encourage your customers to subscribe for the latest jewelry news, trends and tips.

Benefits for you

You've worked hard to build relationships and foster loyalty and trust with your customers. We work hard to keep your relationship strong by bringing your customers back to you for regular cleanings, inspections and claim-related work.

Jewelers Mutual-insured customers who lose or damage their jewelry (or smart jewelry) are able to visit you, their jeweler of choice, for a repair or replacement of the same kind and quality as the original.

As the demand for wearable technology and smart jewelry grows, it's comforting to know that the protection and service you and your customers have come to expect continues to give people the freedom to wear their jewelry without worry.

Consultation with Jewelers Mutual sales manager*Jewelers are not licensed agents and cannot sell or offer advice about insurance coverage. Coverage and pricing are subject to underwriting review and approval, and to policy terms and conditions.  

**The smart jewelry coverage includes a data exclusion clause, which means that software and information stored on a smart jewelry device is not protected. The coverage also does not protect against smart jewelry becoming obsolete.


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