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Wrist Key Holders: One Simple Accessory to Reduce Sneak Thefts

on May 19, 2015 10:49 AM
Wrist Key Holder

“Brazen” is a term often used to describe criminals, and it seems to apply particularly frequently to criminals who walk into a jewelry store and walk out with merchandise that they did not purchase.

The term’s applicability to armed robbers and smash-and-grab perpetrators is obvious.

But don’t forget about those criminals who have the nerve to reach into your showcase, remove merchandise, and pocket it right in front of unwitting store associates.

Do you think it doesn’t happen very often or can’t happen to you? Think again.

Check out the Jewelers Security Alliance's (JSA) archive of crime videos, most of which include security-camera footage. There are several examples of thieves reaching behind showcases and grabbing what they can.

One simple habit — the consistent use of one simple accessory — can protect you against this type of crime: Keep your showcase key(s) with you on a wrist key holder and adopt the habit of locking the showcase immediately after each and every time you’ve accessed it. 

Don't forget to show only one item at a time!

This habit must be faithfully followed by every store associate who accesses the showcases. Your fellow associates and you may be surprised at how quickly the habit becomes second nature!

Do this and you’ll nearly guarantee that you won’t become a victim of a sneak theft!


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