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A Year of Security Advice for Jewelers

on Oct 21, 2016 1:29 PM

Secuirty advice for jewelers

The Clarity Blog was launched a year ago with the sole mission of helping jewelers be safe, secure, and successful.

Our security advice for jewelers has ranged from preventing water damage to employment practices liability to door buzzer systems and mantraps.

Still, high-profile crimes in the jewelry industry have left many jewelers feeling less safe and less secure as smash-and-grab robbers have excessively targeted luxury watch retailers in 2016. 

Let's revisit timeless security advice for jewelers needing to be continually practiced in order for these alarming crimes to subside. 


Robbery Prevention for Jewelers: How to Identify Casing

Why It's Important
  • Every crime in the jewelry industry is preceded by some degree of surveillance.
  • There are common warning signs or patterns that can alert you before a crime takes place.
  • No single individual can notice every suspicious behavior - every associate at a jewelry business needs to be responsible for identifying casing.


5 Most Dangerous Security Mistakes Jewelers Make

Why It's Important
  • Responding poorly to a robbery could put you, your staff, and your customers at risk or being injured or killed.
  • Developing observable habits could make you a target at home or on the road.


Mall Security for Jewelers: How to Prevent Robberies

Why It's Important
  • Information from the Jewelers Security Alliance shows that jewelers in malls are significantly more likely to be crime targets than other locations.
  • Collaboration with the property management company that operates the mall is critical for long-term security.
  • Being near other retailers in a high traffic area is not a security measure - jewelers in malls still need to document suspicious incidents, monitor surveillance cameras, and install strong showcases.


We're looking forward to another great year of providing security advice for jewelers and are aiming to put this valuable information in the hands of as many jewelry industry professionals as we can.

Keep sharing these tips, encouraging others to subscribe themselves, and living this advice on a daily basis. Together, we can continue to make the industry safer, more secure, and more successful!


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