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Jewelers Mutual® Group and Jewelers Security Alliance warn strip mall jewelers of heightened risks for burglary


Growth in crimes to jewelers in strip mall locations increases need to strengthen security measures

Criminal activity against jewelers in strip mall locations is at unprecedented levels, causing growing concern throughout the industry. Jewelers Mutual Group and the Jewelers’ Security Alliance (JSA) have joined to share the types of burglary activity they’re seeing, why strip mall jewelers are at a heightened risk, and the security measures jewelers need to take now to protect themselves and become a less likely target.

Watch the special video interview with Larry Spicer, Jewelers Mutual vice president of loss prevention and risk management, and John Kennedy, JSA president, for their take on what’s happening and expert advice to prevent future burglaries.

“As this trend continues, rapid alarm response, motion detection, proper safe placement and common wall enhancements are critical to safety,” Kennedy said. “Make sure your alarms work properly, and if you receive an alert signal, even a so-called communication error, treat it as an actual burglary event every time.”

“From sensor systems, to alarm response, virtual inspections and education, we are fully invested in keeping jewelers safe,” Spicer said. He is planning an aggressive roadmap including the introduction of more loss prevention education and risk management services over the next year.

What Kennedy and Spicer are seeing indicates it’s time for jewelers in strip mall locations to make some changes to protect themselves and their businesses. Both urge strip mall jewelers to heed the following security practices:

  • Update your call list so alarm system notifications can be responded to promptly.
  • Consider a redundant alarm system to complement your current alarm system.
  • Arrange to meet the police at your protected property when responding to any alarm notification. Do not arrive alone!
  • Seek approval from your landlord to install temporary cameras and motion detectors in any vacant adjoining spaces, secluded rear entrance and the ceiling.
  • Double-check that your roof and common walls with other adjacent properties are adequately protected. If possible, move your safe from the common or shared wall. If moving the safe from the common wall isn't an option, reinforce the wall with steel plating.
  • Invest in full motion and vibration alarm protection on safes as well as welded shelves to minimize the chance of losing everything in the safe.
  • Check your safes for adequate physical protection. Burglary-resistant UL-rated TL-15 and TL-30 safes have recently been targeted in these attacks and have been successfully compromised. Consider upgrading to a TRTL-30X6 safe.

For more resources and services available to support jewelers’ safety and security, visit or contact the Loss Prevention team at [email protected].

The Jewelers' Security Alliance (JSA) is a non-profit trade association providing crime prevention information and services to the jewelry industry. JSA, founded in 1883, has over 20,000 member locations and works closely with the FBI and law enforcement agencies. For more information, visit

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