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Jewelers Mutual® Group releases jeweler guide to 24/7 security

on May 6, 2021 8:30 AM

Increase in jewelry crimes heightens concern for safety

The jewelry industry has been experiencing a spike in crime since the beginning of the year, particularly grab-and-run thefts, according to the Jewelers’ Security Alliance (JSA).

The concern for safety prompted Jewelers Mutual Group to release the Jeweler’s Guide to 24/7 Security as a reminder of the basic, daily precautions jewelers should take to help mitigate their risk of becoming a victim of crime.

“From opening their jewelry business each morning until the last employee leaves, the tips and expert advice featured in the guide help keep jewelry business owners, their staff and stores safe when put into practice,” said Larry Spicer, Jewelers Mutual vice president of loss prevention and risk management.

The insurer, who’s been dedicated to the jewelry industry for over 100 years, is making the digital guide available to its commercial policyholders and the entire jewelry industry by sharing access to the resource on its website at

Watch the video for a preview of the guide.


“It’s important for us to continue to support our customers and the industry we serve in as many ways as possible to ensure they are able to run safe, secure and successful businesses,” said Spicer. “Part of our mission to raise the tide of the industry is to help jewelers reduce their risk exposures. We work closely with JSA and other reputable organizations to closely monitor crime trends and provide further loss prevention education.”

Jewelers can turn to the guide for daily safety and security advice on opening and closing procedures, how to recognize suspicious activity, digital and home security as well as safe shipping and travel. The resource prepares jewelers for the most common types of crimes and how to be a less likely target.

The loss prevention program has been a key focus and differentiator for the specialty insurer for several decades. Recently, Jewelers Mutual expanded its efforts by introducing educational content as part of its Ask the Expert video series in addition to posting new articles on its Clarity blog. Both outlets feature trending topics such as grab-and-run thefts, cybersecurity, safe shipping practices and more.

Jewelers interested in learning more about keeping their business secure 24/7 should visit and contact the Loss Prevention team at [email protected] with additional questions.

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