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We know keeping your jewelry business safe and secure is important to you. We also understand it can be challenging to know where to start when it comes to researching available resources for alarms, safes, cameras and other security products and services.  

Our security directory provides options to consider for your business’s security needs.*


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Advanced Security Solutions, Inc.

Advanced Security Solutions, Inc. provides services such as: intrusion detection including UL listed systems, fire and life safety alarm systems, video surveillance/monitoring, access control and business automation.

Serviced Areas:
South Florida, Central Florida, Tampa and Naples areas

Mark Ricciardi
[email protected]954-803-9320 4613 N University Drive, #449, Coral Springs FL


Alarm Detection Systems

Alarm Detection Systems services and products include: burglary and intrusion, security cameras, managed access, fire alarms, sprinkler testing, service and repair, and monitoring from a UL-Listed central station.

Serviced Areas:
Northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin, northwest Indiana, and Colorado

Dave Eisley
[email protected]630-844-5323
1111 Church Road, Aurora IL


Amerigard Alarm and Security Corporation

Amerigard is an electronic security systems company who works with jewelry manufacturers, retail jewelers, and jewelers' private homes to help prevent afterhours burglary, armed robbery, or smash and grab attacks.

Serviced Areas:
United States, southern provinces of Canada and some Caribbean Islands

Richard Cantor
[email protected]212-302-7100
11 Innes Road, Scarsdale NY


Dehart Alarm Systems

Dehart Alarm Systems provides burglar security, fire alarm, surveillance, automation and audio/video installation and service.

Serviced Areas:
Southwest and southeast Florida

Pat Lane
[email protected]800-329-4278
863 Commerce Blvd N, Sarasota FL 


DGA Security Systems

DGA Security provides UL approved central station monitoring, burglar alarm systems, video surveillance systems, access control system, and inventory control.

Daniel Oppenheim
[email protected]800-221-2300
429 W 53rd Street, New York NY


Force Security Solutions

Force Security Solutions provides security detection technologies, support and monitoring services. Their security projects and systems are customized, designed, and installed to provide security, safety, and protection.

Serviced Areas:
Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland

Ken Kocher
[email protected]703-286-7205 or 877-656-3528
8508 Virginia Meadows Dr., Manassas VA


Instant Signal and Alarm Company

Instant Signal and Alarm Company installs, monitors and services security, fire, camera, and access control systems.

Serviced Areas:
Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland

David Wescott
[email protected]978-744-9070 ext. 190
303 Highland Avenue, Salem MA


Mutual Security Services a Division of Kastle Systems International

Mutual Security provides UL approved burglar and hold-up alarm systems with central station monitoring and agent response. Additional services include: IP based HD video surveillance systems with remote review, long term and cloud based storage, video analytics and central station video monitoring. Bio-metric and card access inventory and premises control.

Serviced Areas:
Primary NY, NJ. Conn., FL.
Secondary Remaining Continental United States

Scott Adams
[email protected]212-768-0808
10 W 46th Street, New York NY


Rolland Solutions

Rolland Solutions provides nationwide security solutions and services. All installations for access, alarm and video are customized to meet or exceed UL certification, with monitoring of systems as required.

Serviced Areas:
North America

David Randall
[email protected]214-845-6805
3140 Towerwood Drive, Dallas TX


Sistems Integration

Sistems Integration, Inc. is a "boutique" UL Certified alarm company.

Serviced Areas:
Southern California 

Arthur Zabounian
[email protected]213-623-5584
606 South Hills Street, Suite 1009,
Los Angeles CA


Wayne Alarms

Wayne Alarm Systems is a full-service integrator in the alarm industry with services that include burglar alarms, fire alarms and testing, CCTV, Access Control, and critical event monitoring.

Serviced Areas:
MA, Southern NH, Southern MA

Paul Verruto
[email protected]781-595-0000
424 Essex Street, Lynn MA

Safes and Vaults

Empire Safe and Vault Company

Empire Safe and Vault Company specializes in new and used safes (TRTL-60x6, TRTL-30x6, TRTL-15x6, TL-30x6, TL-30 and TL-15) including “new lightweight TDR safes” for all applications. Modular Vault Rooms, Class M, 1, 2, and 3. Transport carts, jewelry and watch trays for opening and closing. Moving. Trade-ins. Service. Consulting. Member of UL Standards and Technical Panel. ESSA (European Security Systems Association).

Areas Serviced:
US, Canada, Caribbean and other islands, Mexico and internationally

Richard Krasilovsky
[email protected]212-706-0510
6 E 39th Street, New York NY

English Safes

English Safes supplies and installs English high security safes and import Chubb, John Tann and SLS safes. They refinish them to an extremely high standard and facilitate the installation of them nationwide.

Areas Serviced:
United States

Paul Kusneirz
[email protected]801-667-7726
6067 W 5050 South, Hooper UT

Rolland Solutions

Rolland Solutions provides installation and services of safes and vaults to meet or exceed UL requirements. A 24- hour customer support center available to assist with product and technical support.

Areas Serviced:
United States and Canada

David Randall
[email protected]214-845-6805
3140 Towerwood Dr, Dallas Texas

Safe and Vault Store

Safe and Vault Store offers both online and showroom sales of safes and vaults including high security jewelry safes.

Areas Serviced:
United States and Canada

Dominic Schwebs
[email protected]800-207-2259
101 N University Road, Spokane Valley WA

Worldwide Safe and Vault Inc

Worldwide Safe and Vault Inc is a provider of UL rated safes and UL rated vaults globally. They provide all the products they ship, deliver, install and service globally. They also provide clients with after hours/weekends 24/7 emergency service.

Areas Serviced:
United States Canada, Caribbean and Central America. Can also service other parts of the world.

Scott Hirsch
[email protected]305-477-9266
3660 NW 115th Ave, Miami FL

Site Security

Securitas Security Services USA

Securitas USA is a security provider offering on-site, mobile and remote guarding as well as electronic security, fire and safety and corporate risk management.

Cindy Timberlake
[email protected]5202 Presidents Ct., Fredreick MA

Transport Storage


Malca-Amit provides the luxury goods industry, high-net worth individuals and international banks with a global team of experts. Their specialties include logistics, security, customs house and special operations professionals.

Areas Serviced:
United States and Canada

Elay Alon
[email protected]212-729-3438
580 5th Ave #1, New York NY

Tracking Devices


3SI Security Systems’ Jewelry Tracker™ protects rings, watches and all types of jewelry from burglary and robbery in display cases, vaults and during transport. Designed to be undetectable by thieves, Jewelry Tracker automatically activates when stolen, alerting local law enforcement of the theft so they dispatch officers to pursue the criminals and recover your stolen assets.

Ty L. Shriver
[email protected]214-500-8842
101 Lindenwood Drive, Malvern PA

Protection for Your Property


3M provides Safety and Security Window Films for deterring forced entry through glass in entryways, storefronts, and jewelry cases. This is a clear film that will not change the aesthetics of your glass and can also be provided in a tinted version with sun control features for controlling solar heat gain, privacy and glare. Window Film installations are offered by 3M’s Dealer National Glazing Solutions for Jewelers Mutual Group customers throughout the US.

Dan Borowski
[email protected]312-292-1144
223-1N-03, St Paul MN


National Glazing Solutions

National Glazing Solutions sells and installs security glazing products ranging from 3M security film and riot glass access denial to ballistic applications.

Areas Serviced:
United States and Canada

James Beale [email protected]140 Mountain Brook Drive, Canton GA



Se-Kure Controls is a manufacturer and distributor of anti-shoplifting products and safety solutions for retailers.

Areas Serviced:

Mike Campbell
[email protected]352-434-5555
3714 Runge Street, Franklin Park IL


Service Master Recovery and Restoration

ServiceMaster Recovery and Restoration provides full-service restoration and cleaning services after an emergency disaster.

Areas Serviced:
United States and Canada

3201 Market Street, Green Bay WI

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