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3 Hot Jewelry Gifts for the Season

on Dec 14, 2018 8:40 AM

Top 3 Jewelry Gifts for the Season

Are you getting in the spirit of the season and checking items off your gift-giving list?

If you need inspiration, we’ve asked the big names in jewelry for their must-have jewelry picks.

Stingray pendant from Rachel Atherley

Danielle Miele from Gem Gossip picks pendants. But the type depends on her mood.

“I've been wearing lots of charms and pendants this year, so why not add to my growing collection than with a Stingray pendant (pictured) in opal designed by Rachel Atherley.

"I found her work on Instagram and have been a secret fan for a while now.

"Changing out charms and pendants on various chains has been fun to do and I wear different ones depending on my mood and what I'm doing that day.”

Blogger, gemologist and jewelry connoisseur Danielle Miele has been a jewelry collector since she was four years old. Her career in the jewelry business officially began in 2008 when she founded Gem Gossip.


Olivia ring from The Clear CutOlivia Landau, founder of The Clear Cut, and her followers have spoken on her choice:

“I’m excited about a new piece that we are launching at the Clear Cut! I originally designed the Olivia ring (pictured) for myself with diamonds I repurposed from a bracelet.

"It was something I made for fun but over time our Instagram followers have really fallen in love with it!

"It’s the perfect piece to wear every day and is available in our new collection!”

Olivia Landau is a GIA Graduate Gemologist and her family has been in the diamond industry for over four generations. She believes learning about your diamond ring should be just as enjoyable as picking it out.


20.05 ct. tourmalineThe Gem Therapist blog founder Arielle Klein’s must-have piece is from the Campbellian collection.

It’s a 20.05 ct. tourmaline (pictured) accented with garnets, spinels, Paraiba tourmaline and diamonds, set in platinum.

Absolutely stunning!

Arielle Klein holds diplomas from GIA and has worked in jewelry since 2008. She has a passion for jewelry and adores anything antique, with a particular weakness for estate pieces.


These are three gorgeous pieces, but maybe you’re still undecided. You can’t go wrong with personalizing your gift with someone’s birthstone. Check out our birthstone guide to find the stone that matches with the month you are looking for.

December’s birthstone is turquoise. It stands for protection, friends and happiness. What more could you ask for this season?

Turquoise Bracelet

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