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3 Major Jewelry Bloggers Share Their Travel Secrets


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While we've shared lots of jewelry safety and travel tips in the past, sometimes it's nice to hear straight from the well-traveled jewelry lover's mouth.

We asked several popular jewelry enthusiasts to share their thoughts on traveling with jewelry, and their real-world responses are full of quick tips and relatable advice.

Read on for advice from Danielle Miele of Gem Gossip, Becky Stone from Diamonds in the Library and Gem Hunt's Catherine Cason.

Danielle Miele

Danielle Miele

Becky Stone

Becky Stone

Catherine Cason

Catherine Cason

First of all, where is your favorite place to travel to?

Danielle Miele: I've been to so many wanderlust-driven spots from my #JewelryRoadTrip project. Often when people plan a trip, they immediately think out-of-country and have no idea how amazing our own country is - so many different landscapes, geographic features and climates. So far, our favorite spots have been Seattle, Boston, Sedona and San Francisco.

Becky Stone: My favorite place to travel is anywhere I haven't been before. I love seeing new places, whether it's a foreign country or just a town an hour away that I'd never had a reason to visit.

Catherine Cason: I love all travel! I just went to London, Tuscany, Paris and Amsterdam this summer, but have major cravings to go back to Greece, and I'm currently planning a trip to Asia. I'm very lucky I get to travel to so many amazing and cool places. It's a priority for me to see the world.


What are your go-to jewelry pieces to bring while traveling?

Danielle: That depends on the purpose of the trip, where I'm headed and who I'm going with. My main concern is always safety, so I limit the amount of jewelry that comes with me no matter what. I'll bring a few pieces, like some earrings, a necklace, my watch and a ring to wear in place of my engagement ring. (I don't travel with it unless it's a special occasion.) Beach-related trips = all gold jewelry with no gemstones. Sand and gemstones don't mix!

Becky: I focus on earring and necklaces. Bracelets and rings are too easy to snag on things, especially when you're carrying luggage. I usually bring a few pairs of stud earrings to mix and match during the daytime, and one sizable pair depending on my agenda. I'll bring one or two dainty necklaces for day, usually of different lengths so I can layer them. If I have a special evening event, I'll bring one big statement piece. I love to travel with jewelry, but I'm also a firm believer in "better safe than sorry." My flashiest, most valuable and most delicate pieces stay at home. 

Catherine: I stay on the side of safety and don't bring much – just my engagement ring stack, one right-hand ring and maybe a necklace. I make sure I only bring pieces that are comfortable for everyday wear so I won't ever need to take them off.


When packing your jewelry for travel, how do you keep it organized and safe?

Danielle: I have many travel cases for my jewelry, but I continue to use the same old, beat-up one I've had since college. It has an area for rings and a button closure that makes it easy, with zippered sections for everything else. It fits in my purse easily and isn't too bulky. My best advice would be to find a travel case that works for you and your needs. It may take several buys before you find just the right one!

Becky: When I pack my jewelry for travel, I have two main goals: to keep the pieces safe from each other and any external damage, and to keep them organized and easy to keep on my person while in transit. I put my individual pieces, especially necklaces, in small plastic bags. That's the best way to keep chains from tangling. Then I put the little bags in a larger case to keep everything together and protected.

Catherine: For organization on-the-go, I recommend little plastic bags to keep everything separate in your jewelry case.


What is your favorite jewelry photo you've taken on a trip?

Danielle: My favorite is from my Seattle trip, visiting Isadora's Antique Jewelry. Their shop is right by the infamous public market and I was able to capture both the jewelry and the iconic sign.

Several rings on both hands with public market in background


Becky: My husband and I took a sunset cruise on a boat around Turks and Caicos for our honeymoon and I snapped a photo of our brand new wedding rings on our clasped hands. It's the perfect representation of that beautiful trip and the time we took for ourselves to focus on the beginning of our new journey together as a married couple.

Clasped hands showcasing wedding rings


Catherine: This photo with the Eiffel Tower in the background!

Heart-shaped engagement ring with Eiffel Tower in background


Hopefully you found a couple pieces of applicable real-life advice for your next adventure.

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