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3 Tips for the Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

on Aug 22, 2016 10:00 AM

Tips for the Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

But first, let me take a selfie!

Whether you're a closet selfie taker or proudly strike a pose in the middle of a crowded restaurant, you may have the urge to share the perfect engagement ring selfie when it comes to your marriage proposal.

That's a perfectly normal reaction. In fact, four years ago, it happened to me.

I bet I know what you're thinking. "How do I make my diamond ring look as amazing in a photo as it does on my finger?"

You don't need to be a professional photographer, or schedule a hand lift, for the best shot. (Seriously, hand lifts for engagement ring selfies are a thing.)

The perfect engagement ring selfie starts with choosing a diamond that really sparkles. The shape, cut and setting all contribute to how light plays off the diamond's facets, also known as its brilliance.

Read more about the difference between diamond shapes and cuts and how both affect brilliance.

 Here are a few tips on choosing a camera-ready diamond and setting the stage for its photographic debut:

Cut Counts

If you want the sunlight to hit your engagement ring just so, the round brilliant cut diamond might be for you. With 58 facets to reflect light, your bling factor is at an all-time high, perfect for an outdoor ring selfie. (No wonder this is the most popular cut, right?)

The princess-cut diamond is the second most popular cut due to both its unique look and ability to reflect light.

Either choice will have you going with #nofilter.


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Set the Stage with Settings

The way your stones are set in the band makes a huge difference in both the general aesthetic of your ring as well as the ability for the center stone to reflect light and sparkle.

Prong Settings

A prong setting, the most common type of engagement ring setting, involves three to six “claws” that hold a stone firmly in place. This type of setting allows the most light exposure from all angles and therefore maximizes a diamond’s brilliance.

If you’re a big fan of your particular setting, capture your ring at an angle for maximum visibility.


Halo Settings

A halo setting is a grouping of smaller stones circling the center stone. Not only does the halo add more glitz with the additional stones, it creates an illusion of the center stone being larger.

Are you set on a certain shape? Don’t worry, halos can be placed around any stone cut and shape

And if you really want to turn it up a notch, add a double or floral halo in the mix.


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Props to the Rescue

Of course you don’t want to distract from the ring itself, but why not give props to the one who proposed by including your soon-to-be spouse in the picture?

If you decide to opt for no people, a great landscape or skyscape can add to the aesthetic of the photo. A cute pup added to the mix never hurts either.


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There are also tons of engagement-themed housewares and clothing out there for a full-on wedding theme.

Have you seen the “Does this ring make me look engaged?” mug photos popping up on social? Love. 


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No matter how you stage the picture, make sure you know how to announce your engagement safely.

Now that you have the ring, the fiancé, and the perfect engagement ring selfie, it’s time to sit back, enjoy the ‘likes,’ and start planning your big day.

Have any engagement ring selfie tips of your own to share? Post them in the comments.


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