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5 Top Spring Jewelry Trends

on Mar 13, 2015 2:09 PM

What easier way to refresh your wardrobe for spring than to add some new jewelry?

We scoured the top blogs on spring jewelry trends for the 2015 season and came up with these top five looks. Enjoy!

Mismatched Earrings

This new trend is definitely one way to stand out in a crowd. Trying skipping the usual earring set and pairing two different, but complimentary, earrings for a fresh perspective.

5 Top Spring Jewelry Trends

Photo credit: Harper's Bazaar


Yes, really. This 90s fashion is making a comeback. These aren't your stretchy, fake tattoo chokers, though; these are much more high fashion. Phew!

5 Top Spring Jewelry Trends

Photo credit: Fashionisers

Hippie Vibes

With a nod to the seventies ruling the runway this season, it's no surprise that chunky, earthy pieces are trending for accessories. Brit + Co advises to choose "pieces that are colorful and quirky, with a high-fashion Coachella quality."

5 Top Spring Jewelry Trends

Photo credit: Fashionisers

Pendant Necklaces

Statement jewelry in general is on trend this season. Pendant necklaces in particular will often feature more unpolished gemstones for a more natural vibe.

5 Top Spring Jewelry Trends

Photo credit: Fashionisers

Athletic Jewelry

Athletic jewelry takes center stage just this week with the release of the Apple Watch. Shown here is the Sport version, which is on trend with the general athletic vibe for spring 2015 accessories.

5 Top Spring Jewelry Trends

Photo credit: Mashable

There are many more trends forecasted for this season than just these five. Check out some of our sources of inspiration for even more trendy topics:

Brit + Co: 5 Jewelry Trends That Will Be Huge This Spring

Fashionisers: Spring/Summer 2015 Accessory Trends

Harper's Bazaar: The Best Jewelry Trends from Spring 2015

Which fashion trend will you be adopting this spring?

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